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Addverb provides intra-logistics automation solutions based on Industry 4.0 technologies. It aims to improve operations on a sustainable basis that provides clients a competitive advantage by strengthening their entire supply chain. Its expertise in the understanding of warehousing and production process clubbed with products provide logistics operations. It specializes in consulting, warehouse automation, robotics, system integration and software for warehouses and factories.
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SmartMove is the Real-Time-Location-Service system that allows the Tracking of the MHEs (Material Handling Equipments) for any warehouse configuration. It provides all the necessary information about your MHEs namely their movements, paths, routes taken, performance analysis. With advanced analytics, SmartMove helps you to understand the actual utilisation of MHEs and usage pattern across the different times of the day thereby rationalizing the number of MHEs and optimizing their usage so as to increase your operational efficiency, warehouse safety and cut costs. SmartMove uses Ultra-Wide Band technology that provides accuracy of Tracking up to 5 cm.

Our Yard Management System tool is an outdoor Real-time locating systems (RTLS) solution developed on Bluetooth beacon technology that provides real-time visibility of assets in an outdoor environment under all weather conditions. YMS is an innovative IoT solution that provides intelligence on the usage of the space in the open yard and allows movement of trailers and tractors from staging to docks to fill orders in an efficient manner. Our solutions are fully configurable to fit your business.

Dock Management System (DMS) controls the freight movement from the time it arrives the dock till its exit. It provides real-time freight Tracking which improves dock utilisation, enhances loading efficiency and increases productivity. DMS gives you a central interface that enables complete visibility over scheduled dock appointments, reduces misdirects and helps in coordinating inbound and outbound logistics. It allows the user to be aligned with concepts such as lean production and cross-docking.
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Addverb is a provider of Industrial IoT functional applications technologies, and also active in the aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, healthcare and hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and retail industries.
Functional Applications
Dock Management Systems (DMS)
Fleet Management Systems (FMS)
Transportation Management Systems (TMS)
Warehouse Control Systems (WCS)
Yard Management Systems (YMS)
Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
Use Cases
Autonomous Robots
Picking, Sorting & Positioning
Warehouse Automation
Logistics & Transportation
Food & Beverage
Healthcare & Hospitals
Addverb’s Technology Stack maps Addverb’s participation in the functional applications IoT technology stack.
  • Application Layer
  • Functional Applications
  • Cloud Layer
  • Platform as a Service
    Infrastructure as a Service
  • Edge Layer
  • Automation & Control
    Processors & Edge Intelligence
  • Devices Layer
  • Robots
  • Supporting Technologies
  • Analytics & Modeling
    Application Infrastructure & Middleware
    Cybersecurity & Privacy
    Networks & Connectivity
Technological Capability
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