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We're 1NCE. We're the IoT Natives. This means we have been structurally, technologically and personally geared to the Internet of Things right from the start. This enables us to do things differently to everyone else in the market. We're the first company to focus on 100% low-bandwidth IoT connections for companies. Our aim isn't to serve this market in the way that many others already do, but instead we want to change it from the ground up.

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We offer SIM card at flat rate of 10€ for 10 years of conenctivity

With our IoT Flatrate we make existing IoT use cases more efficient, easier and cheaper than ever before, thereby generating an energy boost for your company. But the most important thing is that we're really bringing the IoT to life for the first time. By making it possible to network billions of devices nationwide and to implement completely new IoT use cases that were previously unthinkable because they seemed too complex and unprofitable.

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1nce is a provider of Industrial IoT networks and connectivity technologies.
Networks & Connectivity
1nce’s Technology Stack maps 1nce’s participation in the networks and connectivity IoT technology stack.
  • Application Layer
  • Functional Applications
  • Cloud Layer
  • Platform as a Service
    Infrastructure as a Service
  • Edge Layer
  • Automation & Control
    Processors & Edge Intelligence
  • Devices Layer
  • Robots
  • Supporting Technologies
  • Analytics & Modeling
    Application Infrastructure & Middleware
    Cybersecurity & Privacy
    Networks & Connectivity
Technological Capability
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EP 160 - How do you scale IoT globally and affordably - Ivo Rook, COO & President, 1NCE.
Friday, Jan 13, 2023

This week, we interviewed Ivo Rook, Chief Operating Officer and President of 1NCE. 1NCE is a leading provider of connectivity and software for IoT at a global flat rate. They offer fast, secure, and reliable cellular connectivity and services in more than 110 countries.

In this episode, we discussed trends in IoT adoption and the telecommunications industry that enabled the 1NCE business model to grow rapidly in recent years. We also explored the non-technical challenges related to scaling IoT, like business case economics, servicing cost, supply chain, and the overall need for simplicity.

 Key Questions: 

  • What technological shifts are driving business demand for global IoT connectivity services today? 
  • What is the cost structure behind the total cost of customer deployment solutions for IoT device roaming?
  • What are IoT device manufacturer, operator and user priorities and requirements for roaming services? 
  • How are telco operators partnering to deliver services for IoT devices globally?
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Eseye is a highly innovative and leading provider of global cellular connectivity for IoT business devices. The company specialises in the delivery of resilient and secure global M2M data services through their revolutionary AnyNet and AnyNet Secure SIM ranges, the world’s first true multi-IMSI/Operator SIM - cards that give true freedom to roam globally across a vast range of mobile networks.Eseye’s business aim is to make complex IoT deployments and estate management as transparent, simple and cost effective as possible for its customers. Today, through one contract, customers access Mobile Network Operator partnerships, locations and devices spanning over 440 mobile networks, in over 196 countries – ideal for international expansion – and newly launched cost and risk reducing features include zero-touch remote provisioning and certification for devices in the field. Connectivity from Eseye is designed for businesses seeking to operate with maximum up-time locally, nationally and internationally and with maximum remote visibility, device management and security.Eseye is an AWS Advance Technology Partner, IOT competency and all devices are easily provisioned within the AWS IoT Management platform with data transmitted seamlessly back into AWS customer accounts.
Secomea is a privately owned Danish company and one of the market leaders on Office Network Security. Over the years, Secomea has built a strong line of Firewall/VPN and Remote Device Management solutions with a unique emphasis on making the solutions easy to install, setup and use. Year founded: 2008
Greenwave Systems
Greenwave Systems
Greenwave Systems is building a world where we can easily and safely connect people to all the things that make our lives better. As an Internet of Things (IoT) company, our software enables service providers embracing IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) networks to rapidly launch new premium services while addressing security, Interoperability, flexibility and scalability from a single IoT solution: the AXON Platform®.
Trilliant is a leader in delivering intelligent networks that enable the transition to the Smart Grid. Trilliant offers a combination of hardware, software and services that serve as the nervous system of the Smart Grid. Since its founding in 1985, the company has been a leading innovator in the delivery and implementation of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), demand response, and grid management solutions. Trilliant also offers installation, program management and meter revenue cycle services. Trilliant focuses on providing an array of flexible and robust options for utility companies, ranging from meter, network and IT infrastructures to full or hybrid outsource models.
Developer of wireless communication technology designed to provide communication solutions for IoT industry.
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