SmartDataSystem Case Studies Monitoring Energy Consumption (Asco City Council)
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Monitoring Energy Consumption (Asco City Council)

Monitoring Energy Consumption (Asco City Council) - SmartDataSystem Industrial IoT Case Study
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The Ascó City Council wanted to monitor and control all 16 municipal facilities it manages, as a means of improving energy efficiency. The project first phase objective is to monitor the energy consumption of the city hall building and to automate and control HVAC equipment distributed across various floors on the building.

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The Asco City Council.
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City of Ascó
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Energy measurement equipment was installed, enabling the communication with actuators and temperature sensors that were installed on each floor/zone switchboards. With this setup, a bidirectional communication was established with the Smart Data System platform and then monitoring and automated tasks were scheduled. The Smart Data System owned SentiloProxy, was installed on the communication module to enable the system to send collected data to the platform and receive commands in return.

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Energy Consumption Rate, Energy Cost Per Unit, HVAC ( heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
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[Efficiency Improvement - Energy]
Stark improvement in energy efficiency.

1280 Euros per month in cost savings.

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