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Public Transportation Management

Public transport management merges behavioral science and systems engineering to determine how to improve the flow of passengers on mass transit, better understand demand, and offer policy solutions to transit agencies to help them respond to challenges. It uses information gathered by monitoring traffic flow, transportation utilization rates, residential and commercial space planning, behaviorial pattern changes, transporation routes, road utilization, congestion, and waiting times.This information can also be made available to the public so that they can better plan their journeys on public transportation, and may increase tge frequency of overall ridership. External environmental conditions such as weather and accidents can also be monitored and analyzed so that contingency plans can be created. Public transportation assets such as trains and buses also need to be monitored and maintained to ensure that they are in the best condition to minimize break downs. Typically, it includes an analytics platform, a dispatch system to alert and direct drivers and operators, fleet management systems, and asset management systems.
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What is the business value of this IoT use case and how is it measured?
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Connected public transport systems offer the following benefits: Real-time vehicle tracking: The IoT lets authorities track the location of their vehicles. Authorities can install GPS systems on their vehicles, deliver location data to a central command center, compute accurate arrival times, and stream them to passenger mobile devices or electronic signs at transit stops. Unexpected events: Road maintenance, weather, and emergencies can affect public transportation. The IoT lets authorities re-route vehicles accordingly, and update passengers. Transit agencies can alert commuters in real-time via their mobile phones. Personalized travel information: Transit agencies can identify individual travel patterns and see which station and routes commuters prefer. Authorities can notify passengers ahead of time if a station closes or a vehicle is re-routed.
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