Use Cases Picking, Sorting & Positioning

Picking, Sorting & Positioning

Picking, sorting and positioning systems either automate material handling processes or support employees by providing precise guidance through the order processing and fulfillment process. Automated solutions are based on robotics that use scheduled process flows, digital IDs, or machine vision to determing picking, sorting and positioning behavior. Prevision guidance solutions work by increasing the ease of identifying the product-bin combination by removing the need for employees to manually locate and identify the right product-bin combination. They direct warehouse employees using physical displays, virtual or Augmented Reality wearables, and other devices that can signal which products to put in which bin. Usually, tags such as barcodes, RFID tags, or QR codes are used to identify both the bin and the product. These inventory systems are usually integrated with other supply chain systems such as order management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, and ecommerce systems.
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