Use Cases Personnel Tracking & Monitoring

Personnel Tracking & Monitoring

Personnel Tracking and monitoring tracks the activities and locations of employees within a facility or operational area. It is commonly used to monitor attendance, control access to restricted areas, track occupancy and movements between different areas, and guarantee workplace security. Wearables can be used to track employees' physical conditions such as heartbeats and temperature. These systems are usually made up of Beacons embedded in an access card or device and locators that detects Beacons and connects them to the cloud, such as gateway hubs with omni-directional antennae or gateway radars.
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What is the business value of this IoT use case and how is it measured?
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Improved worker safety: Factory managers can generate and analyze reports of the current work environment. They can also get alerts in case of critical environmental conditions. Prescriptive Analytics: To monitor the efficiency of current safety procedures and policies by analyzing the information gathered by multiple sensors, which are installed in the system. Compliance: Collects and stores data for compliance checks in order to prevent hazardous conditions. The data collected can prove to be handy during audits. Workforce Planning & Optimization: Integration of project management software with human capital management software will allow companies to improve workforce wellness and to keep track of workforce productivity.
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