Use Cases Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery combines data from Tracking sensors, delivery systems, maps, and vehicles or drones to increase the efficiency of short distance deliveries, typically between a warehouse and a consumer. Last mile delivery is categorized by the delivery of small packages to large numbers of customers, which results in complex routes and low labor efficiency. The use of IoT in last mile delivery yields benefits that include improved operational efficiency, lower costs, security, and reliability, and improved customer service and delivery speed. Drones are not yet commonplace but could significantly decrease labor costs. Cargo drones can drop online shopping deliveries in back yards or at central delivery points in buildings. They are alreeady delivering medicines to inaccessible rural locations and urban parcel delivery drones can overcome physical barriers, such as traffic, poor roads or bodies of water. The use of drones, in combination with smart routing systems can overcome the complexity by designing and utilizing routes without considering traditional delivery barriers such as road restrictions and driver availability.
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