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Remotely Monitor Anything, Anywhere with Industrial Internet of Things Sensor Solutions
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Valarm is Industrial Internet of Things / IoT

Valarm provides rapid, effective deployment of geo-enabled, real-time, mobile and stationary sensor networks.Any sensor (existing in the field or brand new out of the box) is connected to Valarm Tools Cloud and delivers your information in your dashboards and business intelligence / analytics systems, like your GIS.

They specialize in providing ready-to-go packages for you and your teams to easily monitor your assets (like water, vehicles, air, chemicals, fluids) for any number of factors (like flow rate, volume, machinery, resource levels, quality).
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Valarm is an open platform that facilitates rapid, effective deployment of geo-enabled, real-time, mobile sensor networks, telemetry, & Industrial IoT solutions.
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Valarm is a provider of Industrial IoT functional applications technologies.
Functional Applications
Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Valarm’s Technology Stack maps Valarm’s participation in the functional applications IoT technology stack.
  • Application Layer
  • Functional Applications
  • Cloud Layer
  • Platform as a Service
    Infrastructure as a Service
  • Edge Layer
  • Automation & Control
    Processors & Edge Intelligence
  • Devices Layer
  • Robots
  • Supporting Technologies
  • Analytics & Modeling
    Application Infrastructure & Middleware
    Cybersecurity & Privacy
    Networks & Connectivity
Technological Capability
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Remotely Monitor Pollution & Gases with Alphasense Industrial IoT Sensors
Remotely Monitor Pollution & Gases with Alphasense Industrial IoT Sensors
To implement air quality monitoring of Ozone / O3, VOCs, Nitrogen Oxides / NO2, Dust Particulates, PM1, PM2.5, PM10.
Remote Sensor Monitoring & Fleet Tracking for Industrial Vehicles
Remote Sensor Monitoring & Fleet Tracking for Industrial Vehicles
• To implement fleet tracking with industrial equipment and sensorsHow will you know when a pump on any of your trucks is on or off? Or how many RPMs your mobile pumps are running at? If you’ve got vacuums and/or tanks on your trucks then you want to know what the current status is, how they’ve been used, whether or not they’re due for maintenance, and other information available using Industrial IoT Sensor Solutions with
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OTON Solutions is an integrator of end to end IoT solutions for organizations that truly want to optimize & automate processes, enhance security & safety and improve Preventive Maintenance, with real-time monitoring and managementCompany is formed with a group of experts from the control system and Information technology background which enables the seamless integration of OT/IT platforms., headquartered in Paris was created in 2009. The success story started with the launch of, the leading B2C platform of online electronic repair and insurance. Since 2011, the company offers a tailor made platform based on a cutting edge technology that connects all actors of the reverse logistics matching the specific requirements of major retailers, insurers and manufacturers around the world. Its profound expertise in smart reverse logistics processes and technology, combined with its deep after sales service market understanding and a team of operational experts, make them the only company that is truly capable to unlock the potential of clients' after sales service. Nowadays, is the leading SaaS platform in Europe for reverse logistics management. By connecting the entire ecosystem, the solution provides full Traceability of all returns to retailers and their customers. The platform automates both physical and administrative processes making the returns experience as easy as can be thanks to a custom returns UX.
We help modern shippers and logistics service providers improve their net margin with real-time transport management. We combine a cutting-edge visibility solution with a tier one transport management system, all on a single cloud platform.
Gauzy is currently a leading provider of turnkey liquid crystal glass projects, installing laminated LC films in different applications such as home appliances, architecture, construction, automotive industry and many other segmented markets. Their patent pending innovative control technologies enable us to handle glass like never before - Dim glass with numerous stages of transparency, create in-glass blinds, insert transparent solar cells into glass windows, and achieve various glass related innovations in the automotive and aviation industries.
With modern lightweight materials such as glass fiber or carbon fiber reinforced plastics higher demands on measurement technology arise. Innovative fiber optic sensors tolerate 1,000 times more load cycles and 10 times higher strain amplitudes than conventional sensors. They are significantly more compact and thus ideally suited for tasks related to material and structural testing. They offer support with their innovative measurement technology and their extensive know-how in the field of fiber optics.
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We are the global market leader in GIS, helping customers get results since 1969. Esri was founded to help solve some of the world’s most difficult problems. We do so by supporting our users’ important work with a commitment to science, sustainability, community, education, research, and positive change.
Cityworks (Trimble)
Cityworks (Trimble)
Founded in 1986, Azteca Systems supports more than 650 customers throughout the United States and around the world ranging in size from single user sites to installations that service millions of people and multiple disciplines. These clients include public works agencies, large and small communities, water/wastewater/stormwater districts, streets and traffic, parks and recreation, facilities, and other organizations involved with capital assets infrastructure and the maintenance associated with its care and operation.Azteca Systems began as a consulting firm focused on delivering mapping support to US Federal agencies. Earning a solid reputation in the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the company was sought to help public works agencies understand and implement GIS in their organizations. As a result, Azteca Systems’ attention was turned toward the management and care of assets and infrastructure. The company pioneered a new approach to work management with Cityworks and in 1996 released the first iteration of the product.A recognized industry leader, Azteca Systems created Cityworks, a GIS-centric asset maintenance management solution integrated with Esri’s GIS technology. The Cityworks approach is innovative and unique among a cadre of legacy systems, leveraging the inherent value and investment of GIS data.
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