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Energy resources are crucial to the economy and individual communities. PureHM provides solutions for regulated inspections of the pipelines that deliver these energy products. Using these solutions, we give pipeline companies confidence that they are delivering their products as safely and efficiently as possible. Using our best-in-class technologies, we provide operators with the actionable information needed to identify problem areas, reduce unnecessary pipeline repairs, and prolong asset life. Ultimately, we help you ensure that your pipelines are fit for service.

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SmartBall Technology

The SmartBall tool is a multi-sensor inline inspection platform that collects a variety of pipeline data to help integrity departments manage their assets more efficiently and safely. The tool can be used for confirmation of containment to locate pinhole leaks that CPM cannot detect, continuous pressure and temperature profiles, and pipeline mapping.

Spectrum XLI

The Spectrum XLI system allows operators to complete multiple above-ground surveys in a single pass of the pipeline. This provides more reliable inspection data, and allows the operator to save money by reducing the number of surveys needed to collect multiple Data Streams.

Armadillo Tracking

The Armadillo AGM tracks and records pig passages with seven sensors – three 22 Hz channels, three magnetic channels, and one geophone channel. The Tracking technician creates a snapshot of each pig passage for record keeping, which provides owners with a defensible record that a pig has passed the AGM location.


The PipeWISE system can effectively combine several data sources into a single platform, which improves accuracy and reduces the time needed to make decisions. This ultimately saves money and provides a more reliable platform for managing a wide range of data.

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Use Cases
Infrastructure Inspection
Track & Trace of Assets
Field Services
PureHM (Xylem)’s Technology Stack maps PureHM (Xylem)’s participation in the IoT technology stack.
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    Application Infrastructure & Middleware
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    Networks & Connectivity
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