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Open website is a provider of an online cloud-based platform designed to automatically take notes for meetings. The company's platform acts as an executive assistant that automatically transcribes and takes bullet notes from the users phones calls and meetings, enabling clients to receive concise bullet point notes for each call and extract the most critical points.

Read More is a provider of Industrial IoT networks and connectivity, platform as a service (paas), sensors, infrastructure as a service (iaas), application infrastructure and middleware, analytics and modeling, wearables, and automation and control technologies, and also active in the aerospace, apparel, buildings, construction and infrastructure, education, electronics, equipment and machinery, finance and insurance, glass, healthcare and hospitals, life sciences, mining, national security and defense, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecommunications, and transportation industries.
Application Infrastructure & Middleware
Data Exchange & Integration
Database Management & Storage
Event-Driven Application
Middleware, SDKs & Libraries
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Backup & Recovery
Cloud Computing
Hybrid Cloud
Public Cloud
Virtual Private Cloud
Analytics & Modeling
Big Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Virtual & Augmented Reality Software
Augmented Reality Glasses, Headsets & Controllers
Smart Clothing
Virtual Reality Glasses, Headsets & Controllers
Acoustic Sensors
Camera / Video Systems
Networks & Connectivity
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Application Development Platforms
Device Management Platforms
Automation & Control
Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Use Cases
Leasing Finance Automation
Supply Chain Visibility
Augmented Reality
Digital Thread
Inventory Management
Mixed Reality
Picking, Sorting & Positioning
Predictive Maintenance
Public Transportation Management
Remote Collaboration
Smart Campus
Speech Recognition
Tamper Detection
Time Sensitive Networking
Track & Trace of Assets
Usage-Based Insurance
Visual Quality Detection
Product Research & Development
Quality Assurance
Sales & Marketing
Warehouse & Inventory Management
Construction & Infrastructure
Equipment & Machinery
Finance & Insurance
Healthcare & Hospitals
Life Sciences
National Security & Defense
Oil & Gas
Cloud Planning, Design & Implementation Services
System Integration
Testing & Certification
Training’s Technology Stack maps’s participation in the networks and connectivity, platform as a service (paas), sensors, infrastructure as a service (iaas), application infrastructure and middleware, analytics and modeling, wearables, and automation and control IoT technology stack.
  • Application Layer
  • Functional Applications
  • Cloud Layer
  • Platform as a Service
    Infrastructure as a Service
  • Edge Layer
  • Automation & Control
    Processors & Edge Intelligence
  • Devices Layer
  • Robots
  • Supporting Technologies
  • Analytics & Modeling
    Application Infrastructure & Middleware
    Cybersecurity & Privacy
    Networks & Connectivity
Technological Capability
Number of Case Studies78
Agile Talent Enhances Productivity and Reduces Information Loss with
Agile Talent, a company specializing in providing talent solutions, was facing a significant challenge in managing and recording critical information from their numerous daily meetings. The back-and-forth conversations, clarifications, and note-taking during these meetings were proving to be time-consuming and inefficient. The manual note-taking process was not only overwhelming but also led to the loss of crucial information. This loss of data was impacting their business productivity, causing delays in processes, and resulting in wasted time. The company was in dire need of a solution that could efficiently record and manage the information from their meetings without the need for manual intervention.
Optimizing Sales Process with IoT: A Case Study on Akatia Technologies and Fireflies
Akatia Technologies, a company specializing in warehouse management software, was facing a significant challenge in optimizing and streamlining their sales process. The primary issue was the time-consuming method of transcribing client conversations, a critical aspect of their sales process. The team needed to extract accurate information from these transcriptions to gain insights into the challenges they were facing and discuss new requirements with their customers. However, their existing method of documenting and sharing these conversations with clients was proving to be inefficient and cumbersome. As the CEO of Akatia Technologies, Mr. Abdellah Bellahssan, explained, the process of documenting the conversations and sharing them with the customers was taking too much time, causing a bottleneck in their sales process.
Automated Extraction of Action Items: A Case Study on and Kynection
Kynection, an Australian tech solution company, was facing a significant challenge in managing and documenting their numerous daily video calls. The high volume of calls resulted in hurried note-taking, which often missed important details and action items. The team struggled to recall meetings in the required detail, and manual note-taking was proving insufficient. They urgently needed a more organized and reliable method of documenting all client meetings to streamline their workflow. The challenge was to find a solution that could accurately capture the details of their meetings, including action items and deadlines, and provide a searchable and well-indexed record of their conversations.
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The Astrata Group is a global leader in Enterprise Management Software and Advanced Location-Based IT solutions. Headquartered in Singapore and with major operations and offices in Europe, AME and Asia-Pacific, Astrata serves MNC, enterprise and government customers spanning numerous regions and industry sectors.Astrata designs, develops and operates its proprietary software and hardware technology completely in-house. Astrata has built solutions ranging from National Security and Public Safety Systems to Comprehensive Enterprise Management Software to Advanced Fleet Management Systems on its powerful and agile technology platforms:•ADAMS™ — Cutting Edge Enterprise Management Software•GLS™ / GLSi™ / Fleetvisor™ — Advanced Location Based Backend Software and Web Portals•GLP™ Series — Best-in-Class On Board Computer HardwareEnterprise and Governments rely on Astrata’s solutions to manage and optimize operations, increase security and safety, and increase efficiency and profitability.
PixelPlex is a seasoned IoT development company distributing enhanced business workflow in a data-intensive IoT environment.Founded in 2007, PixelPlex has delivered multiple projects in industrial IoT, personal security & wellness, smart IoT in retail & supply chains, IoT for connected home appliances and more.Our experienced IoT developers are ready to fulfill smart solutions for your business today using strong expertise in diverse IoT technology stack.
Contguard supports global companies to optimize their supply chain by delivering in-depth information analysis as well as real-time data on their goods in transit.With Contguard you would know in real-time - * Your cargo's location.* Deviation from your planned route.* Arrival/Departure from defined locations.* Your Cargo's temperature and humidity tailored to your defined parameters.* Container intrusion alert - whether the container's doors have been opened or in other means. * Shake impact - in case your cargo is not properly handled.Contguard offers an end-to-end service that includes full logistics around monitoring devices so that our customers don't need to purchase or care for the hardware.
One Network
One Network
One Network’s supply chain management solutions are a comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions that are tightly integrated, work together intelligently, and run in the cloud. These supply chain solutions are part of The Real Time Value Network.The Real Time Value Network is a multi-party cloud platform from One Network that exploits the latest trends remaking consumer and business technology, including the cloud, many-to-many networks, social networking, big and fast data, and mobile apps.
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