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Shanghai Digitwin Technologies Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise that can provide fully autonomous and controllable products and solutions in the field of three-dimensional digital twins. Based on a deep understanding of the underlying hardware of the GPU and algorithm fusion, it can provide photo-level visual rendering power and the carrying capacity of large-space multi-source real-time data. By combining Artificial Intelligence, big data, multi-source heterogeneous data, and sensing technologies in three-dimensional space, we can provide high-quality virtual simulation and digital twins Solutions and software and hardware products.

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The smart city pollution control virtual simulation platform

The smart city pollution control virtual simulation platform is a monitoring and disposal management platform for various environmental pollution independently developed by DIGITWIN. It integrates multiple complex technologies such as virtual simulation, BIM model, GIS data, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence, and aims to improve sewage treatment and Real-time monitoring and preventive treatment capabilities in solid waste prevention. At the same time, the platform takes into account both the global perspective and the city's three-dimensional perspective, which can three-dimensionally and intuitively interpret the original obscure digital information in smart city operation and maintenance, creating a convenient and effective tool platform for multi-department collaboration.

Smart Park

The construction of a smart park is an important way to realize the smart and modern management of the park. By building a smart park, you can optimize the allocation and integration of various resources, improve the entire park's economy, industry, and ecological structure, and comprehensively improve the park's operating efficiency, quality, and level. DIGITWIN clearly supports the continuous empowerment of smart cities from the dimensions of virtual simulation, GIS, Internet of Things, and big data, and provides a full range of new smart park development and operation solutions from "top-level design to construction and operation."

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Digitwin Technologies is a provider of Industrial IoT application infrastructure and middleware, and analytics and modeling technologies, and also active in the aerospace, buildings, marine and shipping, and security and public safety industries.
Analytics & Modeling
Digital Twin / Simulation
Virtual & Augmented Reality Software
Computer Vision Software
Application Infrastructure & Middleware
Data Visualization
Use Cases
Building Energy Management
Smart Campus
Smart City Operations
Discrete Manufacturing
Process Manufacturing
Marine & Shipping
Security & Public Safety
Digitwin Technologies’s Technology Stack maps Digitwin Technologies’s participation in the application infrastructure and middleware, and analytics and modeling IoT technology stack.
  • Application Layer
  • Functional Applications
  • Cloud Layer
  • Platform as a Service
    Infrastructure as a Service
  • Edge Layer
  • Automation & Control
    Processors & Edge Intelligence
  • Devices Layer
  • Robots
  • Supporting Technologies
  • Analytics & Modeling
    Application Infrastructure & Middleware
    Cybersecurity & Privacy
    Networks & Connectivity
Technological Capability
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Nokia is an innovation leader in the technologies that connect people and things. We tap into the power of connectivity by combining network infrastructure, software and services with advanced technologies for smart devices. From the transistor to Virtual Reality, our people and inventions have transformed how the world connects and communicates. We are focused on two business areas: - Our four networks business units are leading the change to smart, virtual networks with one seamless service - Our technologies business unit focuses on advanced R&D to reimagine the way technology blends into everyday life
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