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Open website is a company of passionate, experienced developers who’ve crafted a bold and clever database for the fast, data intensive world, making speed and scalability super simple, open, and accessible — a solution that’s built to be sustainable for all.

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CrateDB is a distributed SQL database built on top of a NoSQL foundation. It combines the familiarity of SQL with the scalability and data flexibility of NoSQL, enabling developers to:

- Use SQL to process any type of data, structured or unstructured

- Perform SQL queries at realtime speed, even JOINs and aggregates

- Scale simply

Customers often use CrateDB to store and query Machine Data. This is because CrateDB makes it easy and economical to handle the velocity, volume, and diversity of machine and log data. In fact, customers have reported CrateDB ingesting millions of data points per second, while also querying terabytes of data in real time… 20x faster than their previous database and on 75% less database hardware.

CrateDB Cloud

Designed to handle the complexity of high-end time series work­loads in real-time, CrateDB Cloud is a fully-managed database-as-a-service. Secured, scaled and operated by the engineers that built CrateDB.

Crate IoT Data Platform for Discrete Manufacturing

Crate provides infrastructure software as a data processing layer to many IoT solutions. However for one specific vertical a full stack solution has emerged, which is offered for a focused customer group: Discrete Manufacturers for Consumer Packaged Goods - think about bottles that get filled with things, at massive scale. There is a good chance that bottles you use in your fridge or your bathroom have been running its data through the Crate Platform during their production cycle.

Data processing and analysis puts the "smart" in smart factories, smart cities, smart vehicles.

The Crate IoT Data Platform makes it easy to build smart systems that collect streams of data from connected devices and sensors, enrich the data, analyze it, and then initiate action "in the moment."

It enables you to monitor, predict, or control the behavior of things in real time, and make course corrections to improve business efficiency, profitability, and security every minute instead of every month.

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NBC Universal, Nokia, McAfee, Gantner instruments, ClearVoice

Read More is a provider of Industrial IoT infrastructure as a service (iaas), and platform as a service (paas) technologies, and also active in the buildings, healthcare and hospitals, packaging, renewable energy, retail, and transportation industries.
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Data Science Services’s Technology Stack maps’s participation in the infrastructure as a service (iaas), and platform as a service (paas) IoT technology stack.
  • Application Layer
  • Functional Applications
  • Cloud Layer
  • Platform as a Service
    Infrastructure as a Service
  • Edge Layer
  • Automation & Control
    Processors & Edge Intelligence
  • Devices Layer
  • Robots
  • Supporting Technologies
  • Analytics & Modeling
    Application Infrastructure & Middleware
    Cybersecurity & Privacy
    Networks & Connectivity
Technological Capability
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Industry 4.0 at ALPLA: Enhancing Factory Efficiency with IoT
ALPLA, a global leader in packaging solutions, faced several challenges as the complexity of their production machinery increased. The need for highly trained specialists in each factory led to higher personnel costs, difficulties in recruiting experienced talent at each location, and costly personnel turnover. Furthermore, less experienced operators running the machines sub-optimally impacted resource consumption and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). ALPLA also faced the challenge of monitoring visual inspection systems in every line of their plants, which was almost impossible to do manually. In 2016, ALPLA decided to use data from the 900 different types of embedded sensors in each factory to address these issues. However, their initial choice of SQL Server as the data store for the sensor data proved inadequate, as it was unable to cope with their data requirements.
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Arxan Technologies
Arxan is the trusted global leader of Application Protection and Management products for Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile, Desktop, and other applications. We help protect our customers against financial loss, brand damage, fraud, IP theft, stolen credentials, fraudulent transactions, unauthorized access, non-compliance with regulatory and industry standards, and more. Our unique patented guarding technology: 1) Defends applications against attacks; 2) Detects at run-time when an attack is being attempted; and 3) Deters attacks to stop hackers, send alerts, or repair making customers’ applications truly resilient. In addition, our products help customers distribute and manage their internal and partner apps. We are currently protecting applications running on more than 500 million devices across a range of industries, including: financial services, automotive (connected automobiles), healthcare (connected medical devices), digital media, gaming, high tech/independent software vendors (ISVs), and others.
Founded in 2001, Keyfactor empowers enterprises of all sizes to escape the exposure epidemic – when breaches, outages and failed audits from digital certificates and keys impact brand loyalty and the bottom line. Powered by an award-winning PKI as-a-service platform for certificate lifecycle automation and IoT device security, IT and infosec teams can easily manage digital certificates and keys. And product teams can build IoT devices with crypto-agility and at massive scale.
Sepio Systems
Sepio Systems
Sepio in Latin means watch over and guard. Sepio is a leader in the Rogue Device Mitigation (RDM) market, and the developer of Sepio Prime - a SaaS solution for protecting organizations from hardware based attacks and threats. Sepio Prime provides security teams with full visibility into their hardware assets and their behavior in real time. A comprehensive policy enforcement module allows administrators to easily define granular device usage rules and continuously monitor and protect their infrastructure. Leveraging a combination of physical fingerprinting technology together with device behavior analytics, Sepio's software-only solution offers instant detection and response to any threat or breach attempt coming from a manipulated or infected element.
NanoLock Security
NanoLock Security
NanoLock Security protects the operational integrity of industrial devices, machines and manufacturing lines against cyber events and human errors to maintain business continuity, improve safety and safeguard revenues. NanoLock is the only zero-trust, device-level solution that prevents outsiders as well as insiders and supply chain cyber events and even human errors in legacy and new devices, regardless of attack origin or exploited vulnerability and without affecting functionality and performance.NanoLock fuels Industry 4.0 revolution with a zero-trust protection that is mandatory to critical infrastructures, such as industrial and manufacturing companies as well as utilities. NanoLock secures industrial devices like Smart Meters, RTUs, data cocentrators, EV chargers, industrial machines, PLCs and production lines, against a wide range of external and internal attacks.Trusted by critical infrastructure customers, such as utilities, industrial and manufacturing companies,NanoLock Security protects power generation, water and wastewater plants and food & beverage manufacturing as well as industrial production, while ensuring compliance with international security standards and guidelines.NanoLock Security is the winner of multiple industry awards¸ including the prestigious “2021 Top 10 for Baby Black Unicorns”¸ Tracxn’s “Emerging Startups 2021- minicorn“¸ MWC Barcelona “4YFN Startup of the Year” award and more. the American Cyber Award for “Best Security Company of the Year under 150 staff” and the CyberSecurity breakthrough award for the “Overall IoT Security Solution provider of the Year”.NanoLock is headquartered in Israel with offices in the US, Europe, and Japan.
BugProve offers a Firmware analysis tool that speeds up security testing processes and supports compliance needs by automating repetitive tasks and detecting 0-day vulnerabilities.
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