HiKoB Case Studies Wireless Vibratory Data Acquisition System for Maintenance
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Wireless Vibratory Data Acquisition System for Maintenance

Wireless Vibratory Data Acquisition System for Maintenance - HiKoB Industrial IoT Case Study
Analytics & Modeling - Predictive Analytics
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Networks & Connectivity - Wireless Local Area Network
Equipment & Machinery
Predictive Maintenance

In the framework of its predictive maintenance offering, ONEPROD part of the ACOEM group provides monitoring solutions that allow to avoid unexpected breakdowns in industrial production tools. Traditionally ONEPROD was using wired data acquisition systems. However they were costly and hard to install in harsh environments or explosive zones, like in the oil & gas and mining industry. To cover the distance to connect and power the monitoring equipment considerable lengths of cable are required especially in industrial spaces with difficult access. Developing a wireless data acquisition system became a key success factor in the ONEPROD strategy in order to avoid any cabling issue and to improve the safety of the staff in charge of portable measures.

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ACOEM helps customers in the industrial, environmental and defence sectors make the right decisions and take the right actions. All around the world, ACOEM’s 400 employees are at the forefront of innovation in monitoring, maintenance and engineering
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Based on HIKOB technologies and systems, ACOEM launches ONEPROD EAGLE, a new smart online solution, more efficient and with long-range capabilities to collect all required data to detect early defaults. Sensors, wireless data acquisition network and wireless communications are deployed in the solution. Software Components - HIKOB NET PULSE application

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Maintenance Requirements
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[Data Management - Data Analysis]
Cloud solutions enable aggregation of 'big data' to enable more robust analysis and lower costs.
[Efficiency Improvement - Maintenance]
Real-time status reports enable maintenance personnel to remotely diagnose the status of a device.
[Efficiency Improvement - Time To Market]
Programming time, production time, and installation time are shortened during the introduction of new products.
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