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Wireless GPS Tracking & Security Monitoring

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Wireless GPS Tracking & Security Monitoring - KORE Wireless Industrial IoT Case Study
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Machine Condition Monitoring

Enhancing the security of hazardous freight and ensuring compliance with Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration mandate that all trains carrying chemicals capable of creating a toxic inhalation condition are equipped with on-board safety monitoring systems.

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Lat-Lon specializes in developing and installing both solar and electric powered GPS solutions designed to monitor and report temperature conditions, detect impact situations and optimize fleet routing. Lat-Lon delivers these solutions for trucking fleets
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Lat-Lon’s GPS tracking, monitoring and image capture solution powered by the KORE network for superior coverage, data speeds and connectivity. KORE features a network architecture designed for continuous network services delivery with multiple forms of redundancy built-in, as a contingency against man-made and natural disasters.

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Connectivity Status, GPS Tracking, Network Coverage, Pollutants detection, Vehicle Status
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[Efficiency Improvement - Labor Safety]
Increased community safety and reduced risk exposure in the event of an incident
[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Improved fleet visibility and logistics providing more shipping capacity and efficiency
[Cost Reduction - Maintenance]
Decreased fleet maintenance expenses associated with mishandled data from rail car accelerometer sensors

Excellent up-time statistics with over 99.98% availability

Competitive pricing that gives LatLon a decided advantage over other communication pathways

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