AT&T Case Studies Wintrust's Network Transformation: A Case Study on Enhanced Stability and Security
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Wintrust's Network Transformation: A Case Study on Enhanced Stability and Security

Wintrust's Network Transformation: A Case Study on Enhanced Stability and Security - AT&T Industrial IoT Case Study
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Wintrust Financial Corporation, a financial holding company with over $45 billion in assets, was seeking to enhance their data and voice networks to support their continuing growth. The company was looking for a more effective, stable network that could support its operations and pave the way for future expansion. As the company grew, officials wanted to ensure stable and consistent network performance and prevent any points of failure. The challenge was to find a solution that would provide highly secure, scalable, and reliable connectivity, while also supporting the company's expanding business.
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Wintrust Financial Corporation is a financial holding company with assets of over $45 billion. The company operates 15 community bank subsidiaries with over 180 banking locations in the greater Chicago and southern Wisconsin markets. Wintrust also operates various non-bank business units, including some that provide commercial and life insurance premium financing in the United States, a premium finance company operating in Canada, and several others. The company was founded in 1991 and has grown to become the second largest bank in Chicago. Wintrust offers a variety of services to make it a one-stop shop for any financial need, including traditional retail and commercial banking services, wealth management, and commercial and life insurance.
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Wintrust Financial Corporation

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AT&T Business helped Wintrust transform its network. The company opted for AT&T VPN service for highly secure, scalable, and reliable connectivity. In addition, Wintrust chose AT&T IP Flexible Reach and AT&T IP Toll-free services to support its expanding business. An array of other transport and network management services were also included to strengthen its infrastructure. The bank now uses AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN), a network that connects remote sites almost anywhere in the world. AT&T VPN is also isolated from the public internet to keep cyber criminals at bay. The bank now processes transactions with speed and security through the AT&T Global Network.
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The solutions provided by AT&T Business have significantly improved Wintrust's network operations. The network has been a solid, stable platform, and the company is not experiencing the number or length of outages that it had with previous networks. The network's resiliency ensures that most of the locations and endpoints are not impacted in case of issues, allowing staff to continue their work and interactions with their customers. The company has also benefited from the expertise of AT&T Business, which has provided valuable information and advice. The enhanced network structure has made Wintrust future-flexible, with a foundation to enjoy many advantages from the core network infrastructure it has built with AT&T Business.
The company was able to transform its network and ensure that its entire 5,000 plus employee base was able to work remotely within a 30-day period.
The reliable network enabled Wintrust to support its customers’ applications for federal Payroll Protection Program (PPP) funds, handling more than 19,500 PPP loans, processing over $4.8 billion in funding.
Wintrust has been recognized as one of the nation’s top banking institutions for its support of the PPP program.
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