Adesto Technologies (Dialog Semiconductor) Case Studies Using LonWorks to Keep Acela Trains Zip Along
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Using LonWorks to Keep Acela Trains Zip Along

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Using LonWorks to Keep Acela Trains Zip Along  - Adesto Technologies (Dialog Semiconductor) Industrial IoT Case Study
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Canadian transportation company, Bombardier was tasked with building a bullet train system on rails that were designed for lower speed trains. In addition, they had to ensure safe and optimal operation at high speeds, maximize train uptime and enhance communication with passengers.

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Acela (Amtrak)
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Bombardier chose Echelon's LonWorks solutions to tackle the aforementioned challenges. With the help of the LonWorks monitoring network, engineers can have access to all forms of vital information such as speed, pre-departure tests, brake gauges, alarms,schematics of the train and options that give the status of any system in any part of the train to any level of detail desired. Using a keypad, the crew can activate menus to obtain instantaneous information, critical for safe and efficient operation. In addition, using the LonWorks network, the crew can control air dampers on the train, such as when entering a tunnel. The LonWorks platform also allows access to maintenance information. In addition, the LonWorks platform also interacts with passengers. Before boarding the train, passengers read the external LC display signs on the side of every car, which provide basic train information such as the destination. Once aboard, passengers can refer to general information LCD displays for messages from the crew. Lastly, if passengers are curious about their progress on the journey, they can look at another LCD display in their car.

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Infrastructure Condition, Installation Diagnostics, Passenger service, Per-Unit Maintenance Costs, Uptime
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[Efficiency Improvement - Integration]
LonWorks Networks are right on track besides meeting the requirements for a powerful monitoring system and reducing wiring costs, the LonWorks system gives excellent integration benefits to Bombardier.
[Efficiency Improvement - R&D]
LonWorks simplified and expedited the design process. The risk is limited because you don’t have to make a decision too early in the project.
[Cost Reduction - Maintenance]
LonWorks is also likely to reduce maintenance cost and result in easier fixes.
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