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Ursalink Brings More Security to School Bus

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Ursalink Brings More Security to School Bus - Ursalink Technology Industrial IoT Case Study
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School bus security is a major concern to all school employees and parents. News accounts appear almost weekly with a story of a child being left alone on a school bus for hours at a time, regardless of how much training takes place in this area, incidences of children being left behind still occur. Besides that, drunk driving is often threats to the security of school bus. In order to eliminate these dangers, Swedish system integrator Trinorth came to Ursalink for an advanced IoT solution with our industrial cellular router.

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All the strategic insights boil down to the same basic principles – ensure children’s safety. Everything we’ve done has been in the service of that plan, deploying connected device with high reliability and stability to improve the real-time monitoring and on-site visibility for control center.

Our customers were in the search of a reliable and seamless cellular communication and they finally settled on Ursalink industrial cellular router for its top-ranking performance and high scalability.

The solution integrates passenger counter, alcolock, and Ursalink industrial cellular router. The connection between passenger counter and Ursalink industrial cellular router relies on the Ethernet service of RJ45. The DI is used for connecting with alcolock, triggering the SMS/Email alarm, and DO is in the control of engine heater through SMS. Driver needs to check his breath with the alcolock every time before he starts the bus engine. If the test result is negative, the bus will function properly. But if he failed, the vehicle would be locked, together with an alarm e-mail/SMS sending out to the remote server over 3G/4G network. Second, with the engine heater, driver is allowed to preheat the bus engine by sending an SMS and makes it start quickly regardless of the cold weather. And speaking of passenger counter, it is the most critical components of this solution, it helps school to checkin and checkout the number of children, prevent from stranding a child on the bus, and through Python programming, all data from passenger counter will be processed on Ursalink router with customized Python application, which greatly improved the efficiency.

With the solution adopted, our customers can make the most of their businesses and open up a new era of competitiveness, growth and put the children’s safety at the forefront with a real return on investment.

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Streamline the Field Operation

With passenger counter and real-time data transmission capabilities enabled by Ursalink industrial cellular router, the number of passengers will be sent to the control center over 3G/4G and help admin to make sure loading and unloading is in a safe progress.

Scrutinized Security

The Alcolock is placed as a safeguard to prevent any drunk driving happening and maximizes the possibilities of driving home safely. Any positive test result will lead to engine locked and send SMS/Email alarms over 3G/4G to control center.

Increased Mobility and Efficiency

Remotely preheat bus engine at anywhere, anytime, in spite of the cold weather. By which will ensure maximum productivity of bus.

Ursalink UR75 Industrial Cellular Router

Features DI/DO, RS232, RS485

Embeds Edge Computing Capabilities like Python SDK

Gigabit Ethernet Port, 3G/4G, GPS, Dual SIM, Dual Band Wi-Fi complies with IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac

Supports Ursalink DeviceHub and IoT Platform such as Microsoft Azure, ThingWorx, AWS, etc.

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