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Tobi: Enhancing Customer Experience with Improved Returns Processing

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Tobi: Enhancing Customer Experience with Improved Returns Processing - Pitney Bowes Industrial IoT Case Study
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Tobi, an international fast-fashion online retail destination, was facing challenges with its returns process. The company, which serves young women in over 100 countries, was struggling to contain the costs of offering free returns. The bulk rate provided by their legacy supplier, the U.S. Postal Service, was proving to be expensive. Additionally, Tobi’s limited order tracking abilities were prompting frequent customer inquiries, many of them about returns. This lack of clarity around the returns process left customers wondering when they would receive a refund or replacement item, creating a negative customer experience. The Tobi team also struggled with the lack of visibility when expediting customer queries.
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Tobi is a California-based online fashion retailer that provides fashionable, value-priced clothes designed for teens and college-aged consumers. The company has a strong commitment to bringing customers the trendiest fashions fast from their warehouse to their customers’ doorstep. Tobi has delivered West Coast style and laid-back attitude to over 1.5 million customers since 2007. The company serves young women in over 100 countries worldwide and is committed to offering free returns as part of its customer service.
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To control their escalating return costs and improve customer experience, Tobi engaged Pitney Bowes. Pitney Bowes implemented a solution for customers to download and print a SmartLabel® from the newly introduced Shipment Manager™ portal, put it on their return and drop it in the mail at home, at work or at any U.S. Post Office. Pitney Bowes also helped Tobi implement its Transit Trigger® program, which sends automated emails containing tracking information to customers upon the first scan of the SmartLabel. This allows customers to follow their return in-transit and have a better idea of when their return will make it back to Tobi’s distribution center. If the printed label hasn’t been scanned within three days, a branded email reminder is sent to the customer. The Shipment Manager portal also allows the Tobi customer service team to track in-transit returns and generate reports easily.
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The implementation of Pitney Bowes' solution significantly improved Tobi's returns process. The company experienced a 10 percent reduction in the cost of return packages within a year of engaging Pitney Bowes. The Transit Trigger program and Pitney Bowes’ SmartLabel technology gave customers more visibility into their returns, resulting in a 15 percent reduction of inbound calls related to returns. The improved visibility also helped the customer service team to more easily assist customers during the returns process, creating a better overall experience. The branded reminder emails created another touch point with the customer, delivering better customer care and additional marketing opportunities.
10% reduction in the cost of return packages
15% reduction of inbound calls related to returns
Improved inventory planning to expedite returns to re-sale
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