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The Kellogg Company

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The Kellogg Company - Amazon Web Services Industrial IoT Case Study
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Public Cloud
Food & Beverage

Kellogg keeps a close eye on its trade spend, analyzing large volumes of data and running complex simulations to predict which promotional activities will be the most effective. Kellogg needed to decrease the trade spend but its traditional relational database on premises could not keep up with the pace of demand.

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Kellogg Company is an American multinational food manufacturing company, with 30,000 employees.
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Kellogg Company
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Amazon Web Services offered a fully SAP-certified HANA environment on a public cloud platform. Because SAP works on the AWS Cloud, the solution could achieve the speed, performance, and agility it required without making a significant investment in physical hardware.

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Inventory Levels, Waste Management Cost, Trade Spend
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[Cost Reduction - IT]
Amazon CloudWatch allocates costs to each department based on their individual infrastructure usage to incentivize waste reduction.
[Product Improvement - User Acceptance]
Engineers can easily apply their existing knowledge and infrastructure skills to the AWS Cloud.

Staff can deploy instances 90% faster than with Kellogg's previous on-premises solution.

Kellogg estimates savings of $1M in software, hardware, and maintenance over 5 years, solely due to switching to AWS in its test and development environments.

The new cloud infrastructure enabled Kellogg to run dozens of data simulations a day to identify opportunities to reduce trade spend.

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