Telstra Case Studies Telstra's Unified Communications Solution Helps MB Century Boost Productivity
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Telstra's Unified Communications Solution Helps MB Century Boost Productivity

Telstra's Unified Communications Solution Helps MB Century Boost Productivity - Telstra Industrial IoT Case Study
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As a major provider of onshore drilling services, MB Century faces special challenges in controlling operating expenses. Effective communications is of paramount importance in this regard. When employees are in the field or away from their desks, the loss of productivity associated with playing “telephone tag” can be considerable.

Moreover, operating heavy equipment is inherently dangerous. At times of emergency, having reliable communications to manage urgent safety issues is essential.

Aware of the productivity improvements from the introduction of TIPT two years earlier, MB Century was keen to enjoy the full benefits of Unified Communications. The company turned again to its whole-of-business telecommunications partner, Telstra, to recommend a solution.

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MB Century is a leading provider of oil, gas and geothermal drilling services. From corporate headquarters in Brisbane, the company controls and operates one of the most modern and comprehensive fleets of drilling rigs in the Asia Pacific region
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MB Century
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Following discussions with Telstra, MB Century realised the company could gain greater efficiency by integrating TIPT with the advanced features of Microsoft OCS.

At the same time, the company upgraded its IP handsets to the latest Polycom models, which offer high voice-definition and video conferencing capabilities. 

TIPT uses the internet protocol to deliver voice communications. It is a hosted solution that provides advanced functions and simple administration, without initial capital expense or the ongoing maintenance costs of a self-managed model. TIPT offers even further economies: TIPT is a subscription-based service, so MB Century only pays for what it uses.

TIPT operates over the Telstra Next IP™ network, Telstra’s next generation MPLS core network. The only Australian network to have its core product offerings certified to the international ISO 27001 security standard, the Telstra Next IP™ network is designed for 99.999% reliability and offers exceptional reach and scalability.

By linking to Telstra’s Global IP network operated in partnership with global carrier Reach, MB Century has access to the largest IP infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region. A key component of the Unified Communications solution is the Telstra Next G® network. The Next G® network is Australia’s largest and fastest* national wireless broadband network. This not only enables MB Century’s mobile staff to stay in touch from more places, it provides seamless connectivity through integration with the Telstra Next IP™ network.

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Communication Performance, Operating Cost, Production Efficiency, Response Time
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[Efficiency Improvement - Communication]
Real-time responsiveness to colleagues. 
[Efficiency Improvement - Labor Safety]
Increased safety for field staff.

Saved $30,000 a year from reduction in playing phone tag



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