Twilio Case Studies Synergy and Twilio: A Digital Transformation in After-Hours Healthcare Service
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Synergy and Twilio: A Digital Transformation in After-Hours Healthcare Service

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Dial-A-Doctor, an after-hours medical service provider, was facing significant challenges with their existing PTSN fixed-line call centre. As they transitioned into the digital age, they switched to a VoIP system, hoping it would provide a more reliable and efficient service. However, the VoIP system proved to be inadequate, leading to poor call quality, instances where callers couldn't hear the agent, and calls dropping out in the middle of conversations. The most concerning issue was an instance where a second caller dropped into a private conversation between an agent and a patient. Dial-A-Doctor needed a flexible, reliable, and intuitive technology solution that could handle not only calls but also other forms of customer contact like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WebChat.
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Dial-A-Doctor is an after-hours medical service provider based in Australia. They play a crucial role in supporting people who need care outside of regular business hours. Their services are particularly important for situations like a sick child waking up during the night or an elderly parent needing care just as the local GP is closing. To perform this vital work, they require reliable and intuitive technology to support their busy agents. However, their transition into the digital age was initially hampered by an inadequate VoIP system, leading them to seek a more effective solution.
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Dial-A-Doctor found their solution in Twilio Flex, a flexible system that could handle various forms of customer contact. Twilio recommended Synergy Enterprise Solutions as an implementation partner, which was a perfect fit for Dial-A-Doctor's needs. Synergy was responsive and understood Dial-A-Doctor's requirements, mapping out the project in stages to create a clear path to success. The initial stage involved replacing Dial-A-Doctor's current system with a tailor-made call flow. Synergy also implemented a postcode-driven IVR, which checks the caller's location and informs them in real-time whether doctors are servicing their area. This solution ensured that agents were only servicing calls where a doctor could be provided, and callers weren't left waiting in queues only to discover there were no doctors available in their region.
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The implementation of Twilio Flex and the partnership with Synergy Enterprise Solutions has significantly improved Dial-A-Doctor's operations. The new system has eliminated the issues of call dropouts and crossed calls, ensuring private conversations between agents and patients remain confidential. The postcode-driven IVR has streamlined the call handling process, reducing unnecessary wait times for callers and improving the efficiency of the agents. The success of this project has led Dial-A-Doctor to plan additional projects with Synergy, further enhancing their contact centre capabilities.
0 dropouts or crossed calls after the implementation of the new system
80% improvement in call quality with the new system
Efficient call handling with the postcode-driven IVR, ensuring agents only service calls where a doctor can be provided
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