Case Studies Somebody Build This: A Platform for Crowdsourcing Business Ideas
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Somebody Build This: A Platform for Crowdsourcing Business Ideas

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The co-founders of Somebody Build This (SBT), Lauren Meyer and Paul Mickan, identified a gap in the market where good ideas often don't make it past an iPhone note or dinner conversation. On the other hand, there are millions of potential entrepreneurs who want to start a business but lack the right idea. The challenge was to create a platform that could connect these two groups, amplifying people's ideas and connecting them with potential entrepreneurs. This would facilitate product ideation and reduce the risk of starting a business. The co-founders also wanted a platform that could offer features like an upvoting system, which was not possible with CMS platforms like Wix and SquareSpace that they had previously used.
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The primary customers of Somebody Build This are current and aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for innovative business ideas. These individuals may have the desire and resources to start a business but lack a unique idea. They can benefit from the platform by gaining access to a wide range of ideas posted by the 'Thinker' community. The platform also serves individuals who have innovative ideas but do not plan to build a business around them. These 'Thinkers' can post their ideas, receive feedback, and see their ideas potentially turned into a business by other entrepreneurs. The platform thus serves a dual purpose, catering to both idea generators and potential business founders.
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SBT was built using Bubble, a no-code tool that allowed the co-founders to create the features they wanted without needing to hire an engineer. The platform allows users to sign up for a free 'Thinker' account, post ideas, upvote/comment on existing ideas, and engage with the Thinker community. The ideas posted range from simple product suggestions to complex business concepts. The platform also encourages entrepreneurs to post inchoate ideas to validate their concept and receive feedback. In the future, SBT plans to launch paid entrepreneur features, including data analytics for posted ideas and primary research capabilities. The goal is to change the way entrepreneurs find new business ideas and engage with their early target customers.
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The operational results of Somebody Build This have been promising. The platform has successfully created a space where ideas can be shared, discussed, and potentially turned into businesses. It has also fostered a community of 'Thinkers' who actively engage in posting and commenting on ideas. The co-founders have been able to build the platform without hiring an engineer, thanks to the flexibility of the Bubble no-code tool. The platform has also generated interest and traction among the co-founders' network, with over 35 unique business/product ideas collected so far. The upcoming launch of paid entrepreneur features and an entrepreneurship blog is expected to further enhance the platform's offerings and user engagement.
Collected over 35 unique business/product ideas since launch
Aims to have 300 unique ideas on the site by the end of summer
Plans to grow the number of Thinkers and ideas on the platform through advertising and idea challenges
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