Scandit Case Studies Smartphone Scanning Revolutionizes Retail Operations at Colruyt
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Smartphone Scanning Revolutionizes Retail Operations at Colruyt

Smartphone Scanning Revolutionizes Retail Operations at Colruyt - Scandit Industrial IoT Case Study
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Colruyt Group, Belgium's largest retail conglomerate, was on a mission to optimize its retail operations and enhance customer experiences. As part of its digital transformation program, the company aimed to streamline store processes, improve co-worker and customer communications, and drive innovation. The group decided to replace shared dedicated scanning devices with personal consumer devices that would be easy for store staff to operate and always stay connected. They sought a solution that offered superior software-based barcode scanning, shared their vision for a platform to support future innovation, and was easy to integrate with its suite of apps, supported diverse frameworks and mobile architectures.
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Colruyt Group is a family-owned retail corporation that manages Belgium’s largest supermarket and several retail subsidiaries. The group is an industry innovator in retail technology adoption and is investing 17 million euros in its digital transformation program. The company is on a mission to improve operational efficiencies that underpin outstanding customer experiences. As part of this drive, Colruyt wanted to invest in its digital future by creating ‘informed and connected store associates,’ and evolve to a future-ready technology platform.
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Colruyt partnered with Samsung and Scandit to replace expensive dedicated scanners with a 'digital store assistant' smartphone app. The company provided employees with a company-owned business only (COBO) Galaxy XCover 4S smartphone, powered by Scandit’s barcode scanning solution. The Scandit-powered smartphones were found to be fast, cost-effective, and easy to integrate into their suite of apps, offering high-performance scanning of 1D and 2D (QR codes) barcodes. The transformation began in a phased manner, starting with Colruyt Lowest Prices stores, their largest and renowned supermarket chain. The Scandit solution surpassed competitors on various parameters including multiple store tasks, future-ready innovation platform, high-performance, and ubiquity.
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The implementation of Scandit-powered smartphones has transformed user experiences and increased productivity at Colruyt. Employee satisfaction with performing operational tasks on smartphones has skyrocketed. Store staff can now respond to customer queries in real-time, by retrieving product information or checking stock with a simple scan on their individual smartphone. The customer’s in-store experience has also transformed, as feedback on product queries is fast and accurate. Moreover, as the ‘digital store assistant’ is mapped to the needs of Colruyt’s store staff, employees can multi-task and perform numerous store activities with a quick scan whilst staying connected. The company plans to improve cross store collaboration and streamline processes between branches and the head office, by equipping employees at all its retail businesses with smartphones.
3.6 million scans per month
100% accurate and fast scanning streamlines store operations
Over 16,000 scanning-enabled smartphone devices deployed
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