Case Studies SFUSO: Revolutionizing Wine Selection with IoT
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SFUSO: Revolutionizing Wine Selection with IoT

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SFUSO was founded by Luca Agea, a UX/UI designer with a background in startup development. The challenge that SFUSO aimed to address was the common frustration experienced by diners when presented with extensive wine lists at restaurants. Many diners lack the knowledge to effectively pair wines with their meals, often resorting to familiar choices rather than exploring new options. This issue is not limited to restaurant settings, as many individuals also struggle with wine selection at home. The goal of SFUSO was to provide a solution that would guide users in their wine selection, both at restaurants and for home delivery, based on their personal tastes and meal choices.
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The primary customers of SFUSO are individuals who enjoy dining out and drinking wine, but who may lack the knowledge to confidently select wines from extensive restaurant wine lists. These individuals value the convenience of having a personal wine advisor in their pocket, guiding them in their wine selection based on their personal tastes and meal choices. The app also appeals to those who enjoy drinking wine at home, offering the convenience of home delivery and personalized wine recommendations. The app's ability to learn from each user's habits and preferences over time ensures a personalized and improved experience with each use.
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SFUSO developed a smart sommelier app, built on the Bubble platform, that acts as a personal wine advisor for users. The app guides users through a revolutionary menu interaction experience, providing step-by-step assistance with food and wine selection for each course. The app also learns about the user's tastes and habits with each use, improving its recommendations over time. In addition to providing wine pairing advice at restaurants, the app also offers home delivery services. Users receive notifications with special offers for wines similar to those they have previously ordered, and they can purchase these directly through the app. The app was designed to be cost-effective and flexible, built in a third of the usual time and at a fifth of the usual cost thanks to the Bubble platform.
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Despite launching just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the American market, SFUSO has managed to position itself as a potential game-changer in the restaurant industry. The app not only provides a solution to the common problem of wine selection, but it also offers a digital menu platform for restaurants. This feature has become particularly valuable in the context of the pandemic, as it minimizes unnecessary interaction between staff and customers during meals. Looking forward, SFUSO plans to expand its home delivery service for wine and continue supporting restaurants during their post-COVID-19 reopening by providing free access to their platform.
Built the app in 1/3 of the usual time
Developed the app at 1/5 of the usual cost
Launched the iOS and Android app two weeks before COVID-19 hit the American market
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