Bosch Case Studies Schedule Management in the Austrian Energy Market
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Schedule Management in the Austrian Energy Market

Schedule Management in the Austrian Energy Market - Bosch Industrial IoT Case Study

Due to the growing volume of customers and data, Salzburg AG needed a solution to promptly and correctly manage the processing of energy transactions in multiple markets using schedules. Requirements included: flexible adaptation of interfaces to enable Salzburg AG to respond to market conditions quickly, automatic processing of energy transactions, and integration of different regional rules for the exchange of schedules.

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Salzburg AG is an energy and infrastructure provider with headquarters in Salzburg that supplies 260,000 customers in the state of Salzburg and in neighboring Austria.
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Salzburg AG
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Bosch's inubit Business Process Management (BPM) enabled knowledge transfer through XML training and BPM crash courses. Bosch supported from project implementation and coordination through pilot project troubleshooting and performance testing and subsequent system-wide roll-out. Software Components - inubit Business Process Management (BPM)

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Accuracy, Energy Usage
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[Management Effectiveness - Internal Collaboration]
Deeper integration of information across departments and business units improves internal collaboration and end-to-end customer service.
[Data Management - Data Collection]
The inubit Business Process Management system replaced a complex interface structure with uniform, clear star architecture and interface monitoring.
[Data Management - Data Collection]
The new solution allowed more accurate data collection at a lower total cost.

The system quickly scaled to over 500 active time series with a volume of over 50,000 individual values.

The system processes a daily data volume of approximate 300,000 values.

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