EMnify Case Studies Ryde Technology: Enhancing E-Scooter Sharing Service with IoT
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Ryde Technology: Enhancing E-Scooter Sharing Service with IoT

Ryde Technology: Enhancing E-Scooter Sharing Service with IoT - EMnify Industrial IoT Case Study
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Ryde Technology, a leading e-scooter-sharing provider in Norway, was facing challenges in ensuring a seamless and efficient service for its users. The company, which operates over 20,000 devices across six major Norwegian cities, needed a reliable solution to enable users to find a nearby vehicle and initiate a ride quickly and seamlessly. The company was also grappling with issues of scooter vandalism and SIM card misuse, which were adding to the company's operational costs. Furthermore, Ryde was looking to improve its production and supply chain processes, particularly in terms of quality assurance and rigorous testing of their scooters right from production. The company's previous provider was unable to meet these needs, leading to short outages where their devices were completely shut off from the network.
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Ryde Technology is one of Norway’s leading e-scooter-sharing providers. The company, which started as a five-person business, is now present in the six biggest Norwegian cities, operating over 20,000 devices. Ryde's goal is to help solve transportation issues in congested cities by providing a more sustainable and convenient way to travel the “last mile” and bridge public transportation gaps. The company places a strong emphasis on ride comfort and safety, with scooters equipped with sturdy wheels, a well-built frame, and an advanced double brake system.
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Ryde Technology

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Ryde turned to EMnify, a provider of IoT solutions, to address these challenges. EMnify's multi-network IoT SIM provided reliable service delivery and simplified deployment in new markets. The IoT unit in each scooter, equipped with an EMnify SIM card, receives real-time user commands from the mobile app to lock and unlock scooters, and communicates vital data like GPS signals. This ensured fast and stable connectivity, a key requirement for Ryde to ensure fleet readiness. EMnify's factory test mode also allowed Ryde to conduct sufficient tests on most of their devices without having to activate the SIM cards too early, leading to significant savings on connectivity costs. To address the issue of SIM card misuse, EMnify provided a data limit feature, which helped improve security and control costs.
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The implementation of EMnify's IoT solutions has significantly improved Ryde's operations. The company now enjoys fast and stable connectivity, ensuring fleet readiness and a seamless user experience. The robust vehicle design, coupled with real-time user commands and GPS signal communication, ensures users always enjoy a pleasant trip. The improved production and supply chain processes, particularly in terms of quality assurance and testing, have ensured that the scooters function exactly as expected when deployed on the streets. Furthermore, the data limit feature has improved security and helped control costs, addressing the issue of SIM card misuse.
Over 20,000 devices are now able to provide reliable and seamless service to users.
Significant savings on connectivity costs due to the use of EMnify's factory test mode.
Improved cost control due to the implementation of a data limit on SIM cards.
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