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RPA Closes the Operational Gaps

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Azbil introduced the product lifecycle management (PLM) package “Windchill” to share and manage product blueprints and component table data at all stages—from planning to disposal.

To minimize customization expenses and verification work, the company decided to utilize 99% of the package’s standard functions. This decision created functionality issues for the company’s PLM systems resulting in operational gaps, errors, and compromised efficiency.

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Azbil Corporation is a major control and measuring instrument manufacturer headquartered in Japan. The company focuses on developing new forms of industrial automation and expanding its business in the environmental and energy fields.

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Azbil Corporation

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To solve the interoperability issue, the technology standards team at Azbil began evaluating various Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. However, Windchill’s complex interface proved incompatible with most RPA tools.

The Automation Anywhere platform proved to be the only solution that bridged the gap between Windchill and Azbil’s existing systems. Azbil was able to fully utilize Windchill and reap its efficiency benefits.

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