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Rockwell make oil and gas production smart

Rockwell make oil and gas production smart - Ingenu Industrial IoT Case Study
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Oil & Gas
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Process Control & Optimization

Oil and gas producers are doing everything they can to grind through a period of historically low per barrel oil prices. The period has stretched on for more than a year now, with per barrel prices getting as low as $40. With companies struggling to find revenue in this currently high supply low demand market, it has become increasingly important to minimize maintenance and repair costs. A cheap way of monitoring equipment is by installing sensors and sending information to the cloud, an IoT solution to a problem that has existed for generations.

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Shell produces oil and gas from 25,000 wells worldwide, and drills almost a thousand more every year. Many of those wells are located in challenging areas, trapped thousands of meters underground.
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Shell turned to Smart Field technology. It installed thousands of sensors on its equipment, such as valves and pumps. The sensors capture data on temperature, pressure, and other measurements, and sends it out to control centers back on land. Here, engineers read the measurements and monitor production in real time so they can optimize each individual process.

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Downtime, Equipment Status, Per-Unit Maintenance Costs, Pressure, Temperature
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[Cost Reduction - Energy]
Improve the overall recovery of oil and gas while reducing costs and minimizing safety risks
[Efficiency Improvement - Production Uptime]
Increase production and reduce downtime.

Shell Nigeria has just reaped $1 million worth in efficiency-driven savings.

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