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Remote Monitoring for Environmental Compliance

Remote Monitoring for Environmental Compliance - SenseGrow Industrial IoT Case Study
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Emerson wanted to provide a connected environmental analyzer to their customers. They wanted to leverage IoT technologies to provide a software solution that was easy to use, real-time and centralized. Compliance with pollution control board guidelines and the ability to remotely calibrate and troubleshoot these devices was the primary objective. Requirements - Centralized Remote Monitoring. - IoT Based Smart Environmental Analyzers. - Remote Calibration and Troubleshooting. - User Friendly Application. - Reporting & Dashboards. - Compliance with pollution control board guidelines.

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Emerson Process Management is a Fortune 500 corporation headquartered in Missouri, United States. Emerson manufactures products and provides engineering services for a wide range of industrial and consumer markets. Emerson’s goal with this project w
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Emerson Process Management
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SenseGrow team worked with their Application Partner, LogicLadderTM, to understand the requirements related to all the legacy hardware. Leveraging the unique architecture of ioEYE, SenseGrow supported these legacy devices on their Cloud Platform, thereby making them plug-n-play. This enabled LogicLadder to focus on Emerson’s business requirements, without spending time or energy on the underlying core IoT infrastructure. LogicLadder used ioEYE to build a custom white-labeled solution for Emerson. Using ioEYE‘s drivers-on-the-cloud technology, SenseGrow provided support for all the devices that needed to be in the solution. By building their application on top of ioEYE platform, LogicLadder is able to provide intelligent insights about stack emissions and wastewater. This helps Emerson’s customers to take corrective actions remotely and in real-time. Integrated Technology: Emerson Rosemount Analyzers: ​1. X2GK ​2. ​MLT1R ​3. ​X-STREAM (X2XF-A-2-07-F23) ​4. ​X-STREAM (X2GP-A-11-F ​5. ​X-STREAM (X2GP-A-11-F29) ​6. ​X-STREAM (X2GP)

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Air Quality (PMI), Communication Performance, Device Diagnostic Status, Emissions Rate, Wastewater
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[Management Effectiveness - Real Time Information]
Improved environmental compliance. Top management has accurate, real-time visibility into compliance performance and potential issues.
[Efficiency Improvement - Maintenance]
Fewer field maintenance visits due to remote diagnostics and calibration of legacy equipment.
[Efficiency Improvement - Deployment]
Implementation time reduction. Emerson is now able to deliver Smart IoT Solutions within a few months.

100% regulatory compliance reported by Emerson customers.

60% reduction in field maintenance visits due to remote calibration capability.

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