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Refrigeration System Monitoring - Condis Supermarkets

Refrigeration System Monitoring - Condis Supermarkets - SmartDataSystem Industrial IoT Case Study
Automation & Control - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Sensors - Gas Sensors
Sensors - Pressure Sensors
Sensors - Temperature Sensors
Business Operation
Remote Asset Management

The CONDIS supermarket chain needed to control reliably that its industrial refrigeration machines were operating correctly. At the same time the solution had to allow for manual testing of the level of refrigerant in the gas circuit when required, from the platform itself. This way they can act quickly in response to an alarm that the system itself should be capable of generating.

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The CONDIS Supermarket chain.
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In order to meet the project requirements, a RTU (Remote Transmission Unit) was installed with MODBUS TCP communication capabilities that allowed us to retrieve data from the industrial refrigeration machine PLC and to send orders asynchronously. The Smart Data System owned SentiloProxy, was installed on the communication module to enable the system to send collected data to the platform and receive commands in return.

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Alarms For Automated Applications, Fridge Temperature, Gas Meters, Operation Performance, Pressure
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[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Daily automated system tests have increased operational efficiencies.
[Process Optimization - Real Time Monitoring]
Real time monitoring of temperature and pressure of the refrigerant has been enabled.
[Process Optimization - Predictive Maintenance]
Automated alerts allow for predictive maintenance.
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