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Powering Search with a Modern Data Platform

Powering Search with a Modern Data Platform - Cloudera Industrial IoT Case Study

The company needed a semantic search engine to power the search function for all the applications on its platform. This would help it understand the user’s intent through the search context and improve the relevance of the results.

To provide the foundation for this, the company needed to create a modern architecture framework to enable better searches, replicate data, and do experimental customization analytics. The platform would also be designed to handle the increased search traffic and data volumes expected in the future - which is an important step toward an intelligent enterprise.

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This global information technology services company provides one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world to its customers.

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To originally address these challenges, the company chose Cloudera’s CDH platform a few years ago. With CDH coming to its end-of-life and the company’s requirements for keeping all customer data on-premises, it recognized the need to upgrade - beginning a migration of 900+ nodes to CDP Private Cloud Base for all data processing and storage.

Cloudera led to cost savings, additional features, and the highest level of security for the company’s transactional data. They preferred monitoring and deployment management using Cloudera Manager compared to Confluent Control Center. 

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