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Perishable Goods Delivered Without Peril

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Perishable Goods Delivered Without Peril - KORE Wireless Industrial IoT Case Study
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Specializing in shipping perishable goods via multi-day trips on someone else’s truck could be challenging and costly. Weather, unusual conditions, cross-border customs controls and lack of standardization among trucks to hold and maintain temperature are just a few of the challenges Allen Lund faces every day.

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Locus Traxx improves food safety and security through continuous monitoring and real-time reporting on the condition of food products while they are being shipped. The continuous monitoring and real-time reporting system assures food safety. The innovativ
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Locus Traxx
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Portable, wirelessly-enabled shipment monitoring solution from Locus Traxx powered by the KORE Global M2M Network. The OverSight™ system from Locus Traxx is a wireless system that is connected via the KORE network ensuring safety and security by making shipments selfreporting. By blending sophisticated SmartTraxx™ telematics with innovative, SmartTag™ wireless sensors, Allen Lund continuously monitors and instantly receives data on shipment temperature, door security and location from shipments on the road to computers or Smartphones. The wireless sensors detect and continuously report information including shipment temperature, door status (open, closed, locked), and other conditions and when an issue or exception event is detected, Intelligent Alert text and email messages are sent automatically to Allen Lund so they can make real-time decisions and take necessary steps to ensure the safe delivery of the products on the truck. These Intelligent Alerts are delivered via the KORE network anytime an event occurs that violates a rule — saving time and money while ensuring the safe delivery of the shipments.

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Asset Status Tracking, Drive Distance, Logistics Cost, Temperature, Vehicle Location Tracking
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[Cost Reduction - Customer Service]
Reduced hours and dollars spent on customer claim submissions
[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Access to average length of a haul, actual miles of a trip and viewing entire fleets on a single map simplifies business

Immediate access to shipment information prevents spoilage in as many as 10% of shipments

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