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Next Generation Flight Management Systems

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Next Generation Flight Management Systems - IBM Watson (IBM) Industrial IoT Case Study

To develop its next-generation flight management systems, CMC sought a new object-oriented, model-based process that would help comply with the DO-178C and ARP 4754A/4761 aviation industry standards.

Over the years, CMC has developed a comprehensive range of FMS products, designed to meet the specific needs of different sectors of the aviation market. The benefit of this approach was that each product satisfied a unique set of requirements – but from a systems and software engineering perspective, it takes more time and effort to develop and maintain separate software for each target market.

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CMC Electronics designs and produces leading technology electronics products for the aviation and global positioning markets.
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CMC Electronics
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Working with IBM, the CMC team tailored the IBM Rational Rhapsody solution to

its requirements. IBM helped to identify best practices for model-based, object- oriented development in compliance with DO-178C and other aviation standards such as ARP4754A.

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Accelerates development of new software by fostering the creation of portable reusable components.

Reduces defects by testing components earlier and creating fewer complex dependencies.

Improvement in staff productivity due to transparency of end-to-end traceability that does not distract engineers from their core development and testing tasks.

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