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neurothink: Democratizing Machine Learning with VMware

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neurothink: Democratizing Machine Learning with VMware - VMware (DELL) (Dell Technologies) Industrial IoT Case Study
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neurothink, a US-based start-up, aimed to make machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) 'radically accessible' to a broad audience, including data scientists, enterprises, students, and hobbyists. However, the barriers to entry into ML were high due to fragmented platforms, scarce access to powerful GPUs, and a steep learning curve for creating and training models. Additionally, neurothink faced the challenge of delivering a robust, enterprise-capable platform built on start-up resources. They needed an automated, efficient platform that could deliver huge amounts of compute power in a secure environment. The company also needed to ensure a quick market entry to seize the first-mover advantage, which required a superior product and the right partnerships.
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neurothink is a US-based start-up that aims to democratize AI and ML by making these technologies accessible to a broad audience. The company's target audience includes data scientists, enterprises, students, and hobbyists. neurothink's mission is to lower the barriers to access, enabling machine learning to be harnessed for a wide range of projects, from mapping the ocean floor to determining the ideal site for a windmill. The company's goal is to transform AI by providing efficient access to powerful compute resources, making it an everyday tool for a wide range of users.
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neurothink partnered with VMware to create an end-to-end environment for users to easily build, train, and deploy AI models. The solution was built on VMware Cloud Foundation, which enabled neurothink to manage virtual machines and container-based workloads with ease. The solution included VMware Carbon Black Cloud for visibility into the software stack, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition for container-based workloads, and VMware vSphere BitFusion to virtualize hardware accelerators such as GPUs. This provided a pool of shared, network accessible resources. The VMware solution provided the secure compute power needed for neurothink customers to customize the environment to their needs. VMware Tanzu Observability proactively monitored the company’s infrastructure servers, identifying issues quicker and enabling neurothink to resolve them before they impacted performance.
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The partnership with VMware allowed neurothink to launch a secure, scalable platform that accommodates diverse users and workloads. The platform enables users to create their own models or choose a model that has already been developed. By empowering organizations to avoid buying and maintaining their own compute power, neurothink expects the platform to be transformational. Early adopters include testers of autonomous vehicles, cancer researchers, and organizations studying manufacturing processes. The breakthroughs they make will deliver world-changing benefits. Looking ahead, neurothink plans to work with universities to encourage new ways of adopting AI and ML and build a community around the subject of data science.
neurothink's solution can increase GPU utilization from 15 percent to more than 90 percent.
Traditionally, only 20 percent of models make it to production, but neurothink's platform can significantly increase this rate.
The cost of building the platform with VMware was two-to-three times less than the value of the overall start-up investment.
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