ANSYS Case Studies Meopta Boosts Productivity with Seamless Ray Tracing

Meopta Boosts Productivity with Seamless Ray Tracing

Meopta Boosts Productivity with Seamless Ray Tracing - ANSYS Industrial IoT Case Study

Meopta offers a full range of in-house optics and photonics services. Many of Meopta’s customers are in the fast-moving semiconductor market, where precision is crucial. However, volume is also a key priority, as a feasible mass production means keeping costs low and performance high. For the designs Meopta delivers to these customers, its engineers must find the most efficient methods for optimizing product features without impacting customer profitability.

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Meopta is an international company with a long rich tradition of developing, manufacturing, and assembling world-class optical, optomechanical, and optoelectronic products.

Meopta‘s state-of-the-art design, engineering, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities enable it to provide the highest quality products and services to the industrial, military, and consumer markets.

We offer our customers complex solutions to meet their requirements.

We are a company with a broad global reach, Meopta operates state-of-the-art facilities in both the United States and the Czech Republic. This unique presence allows Meopta to respond to the needs of its customers quickly and effectively.

Boasting one the best trained and most highly skilled workforces in the industry, Meopta develops and manufactures the most technologically advanced, high-performance products and sub-assemblies in the world.

From precision medical and scientific instruments to digital cinematic projectors, aerospace technologies, military weapon systems and consumer sports optics, Meopta’s unparalleled experience allows it to design, engineer, and manufacture a diverse array of high-quality products across a broad spectrum of markets and industries, making it a global leader in the optical field.

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Meopta streamlines the efficiency of its optical design workflows by building Zemax OpticStudio into the company’s end-to-end design development activities. By using OpticStudio, the Meopta team avoids unnecessary extra steps in the design process, such as having to create additional iterative prototypes and design updates or having cross-team conversations and email exchanges to clarify the latest changes. The overall effect of these reductions is an increase in productivity based on the interoperability between optical and mechanical methods for manipulating optics. By streamlining collaboration between their optical and mechanical design teams, the OpticStudio workflow helps Meopta save money and time.

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