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Lean Manufacturing Process Flows

Lean Manufacturing Process Flows - Decisyon  Industrial IoT Case Study
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A multi-national manufacturing company was unable to coordinate the work of all departments involved in the production processes. The company lacked both real-time views into the systems and methods of communication. This situation meant small problems could cause big delays in filling orders, and customers would get frustrated. Additionally, the business’s manufacturing process flow was labor-intensive and error-prone with manual checks on information coming from various departments using Excel spreadsheets. Naturally, the process was slow and not conducive to process improvements, nor was unstructured data (emails, phone calls) shared or saved for future reference. The planning manager wanted a transparent way to find out whether the manufacturing process could fulfill the production plan sent from SAP. As part of his evaluation, he needed to be able to: - Identify potential problems before they happened - Collaborate with coworkers around critical data points - Analyze the historical data, so he could continue to improve the lean production process

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The plant turned to Decisyon for a solution to address these constant issues that were damaging their relationships with their customers. The company selected Decisyon 360 for its flexibility in process design (with no coding) and data-driven collaboration, thus providing: - Automatic, real-time overviews of production planning fulfillment, visible to all people involved in the production process, in an interactive, friendly, and customized format - Detailed scheduling and coordination of the activities of all departments to allow the company to reliably meet overall scheduling requirements - Automatic management of exceptions with fully-documented details of each step - The ability to effectively handle problems that arise and to save and reuse the solution

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Fault Detection, On-Time Delivery (OTD), Order Fulfillment Accuracy, Production Efficiency, Throughput Per Plant
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[Data Management - Data Integration]
Linking systems (ERP, MES, SCADA, LIMS, MHS, TrackWise, legacy systems, and unstructured data) for streamlined information flows and integrated plant operations.
[Efficiency Improvement - Operation]
Connecting people, process, data, and things across the manufacturing process for instant action, thus eliminating long delays in decision making.
[Data Management - Real Time Data]
Real-time capture and sharing of data across all stages of operations to accelerate decision making.
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