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King's Hawaiian Standardizes Technology Requirements

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King's Hawaiian Standardizes Technology Requirements - Rockwell Automation Industrial IoT Case Study
Functional Applications - Remote Monitoring & Control Systems
Networks & Connectivity - Ethernet
Food & Beverage
Process Manufacturing
Process Control & Optimization

King's Hawaiian wanted to create a common infrastructure for machine builders for fi rst centralized data-collection system on a greenfield site

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King's Hawaiian is a Torrance, California-based family-owned and operated bakery, known chiefly for its Hawaiian bread. It was founded by Robert Taira, in Hilo, Hawaii, in the late 1950s.
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King's Hawaiian
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King's Hawaiian integrated Architecture System which includes scalable control across all machines in facilities with Logix control platform, EtherNet/IP network provides seamless, real-time communications structure and single design environment with consistent tools and FactoryTalk software suite. Software Components - FactoryTalk Software Suite - Logix control platform

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Asset Performance, Machine Performance, Machine Utilization Rate, Production Efficiency, Time Series and Transactional
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[Efficiency Improvement - Installation]
Technicians are able to query instruments remotely during commissioning to confirm device functionality.

Rockwell's solution added capability to produce additional 180,000 pounds of bread per day, doubling production.

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