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KINESYS Semiconductor Factory Automation Software

KINESYS Semiconductor Factory Automation Software - WIBU-SYSTEMS Industrial IoT Case Study
Cybersecurity & Privacy - Endpoint Security
KINESYS Software provides both Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers world-class software products and solutions for advanced wafer and device traceability and process management. KINESYS offers state of the art database technology with a core focus on SEMI standards. KINESYS’ challenge was to make back-end processing failure-free and easy to use for clients while supporting licensing models more adaptable to changing industry needs.
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KINESYS Software is an independent supplier of software products and services for factory automation applications in the semiconductor industry. A privately held company, KINESYS is focused on the automation of semiconductor manufacturing “back-end” proce
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KINESYS Software
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KINESYS integrates Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter® into its Assembly Line Production Supervisor (ALPS) flagship product. Originally developed as a wafer mapping application, ALPS features mapping for all kinds of substrates used in semiconductor plants (wafer maps, strip maps, tray maps, etc.), as well as tracking of devices through the multiple processes used in semiconductor assembly and encapsulation. Combining KINESYS’ expertise with Wibu-Systems’ technology delivers a neat solution on a dongle, combining security with license accountability and flexibility, as well as total transparency for end users.
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[Efficiency Improvement - Quality Assurance]
The software component of CodeMeter integrates seamlessly with the KINESYS ALPS software during the process of identifying and isolating defects in the high volume production of super sophisticated chips.
[Data Management - Cyber Security]
Security and functionality is built-in and invisible to the end user.
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