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IoT Solution for Cold Chain

IoT Solution for Cold Chain - SenseGrow Industrial IoT Case Study
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Most of the customer's warehouses run on utility and generator power. Since these warehouses are in remote locations, power outages are a very common scenario. Diesel fuel, thereby, becomes a significant cost for these warehouses. Energy consumption was also very high due to the lack of a consistent temperature throughout the facility. This lack of a consistent temperature in all areas and no way to control it, resulted in the customer losing a significant amount of their temperature sensitive goods due to spoilage.

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Parekh Integrated Services Private Limited (PISPL) is a pioneer in the field of warehousing, distribution and supply chain solutions. It provides customized warehouse management systems, flexible point-to-point distribution solutions, complex end-to-end i
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Parekh Integrated Services Private Limited
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Working with their partner LogicLadder, SenseGrow installed wireless temperature sensors in temperature-controlled environments. Hardware and software was installed for both generator fuel management and energy meters on utility supply Using SenseGrow’s ioEYE Platform, our partner LogicLadderTM delivered their EnergyLogicIQ product. This solution ultimately helped lower the spoilage rate of temperature sensitive goods while lowering their energy and fuel costs.

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Energy Consumption Rate, Power Consumption, Temperature, Warehouse Capacity, Warehousing Costs
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[Cost Reduction - Energy]
Reduced energy consumption by not unnecessarily cooling below the required limit.

90% reduction in spoilage of goods

28% fewer breakdowns in Diesel Generator and HVAC sets.

25% reduction in energy costs.

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