Advantech Case Studies IoT Applications and Upgrades in Textile Plant
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IoT Applications and Upgrades in Textile Plant

IoT Applications and Upgrades in Textile Plant - Advantech Industrial IoT Case Study
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At any given time, the textile company’s manufacturing facility has up to 2,000 textile carts in use. These carts are pushed from room to room, carrying materials or semi-finished products. Previously, a paper with a hand-written description was attached to each cart. This traditional method of processing made product tracking extremely difficult. Additionally, making sure that every cart of materials or semi-finished products went to its correct processing work station was also a problem. Therefore, the company desired an intelligent solution for tracking assets at their factories. They also wanted a solution that would help them collect process data so they could improve their manufacturing efficiency.

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A textile plant in Taiwan.
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Under Advantech’s WISE-PaaS Alliance program, the textile company deployed a cart tracking system at their facility. RFID tags were attached to each cart, and an RFID reader antenna was attached to every machine or piece of equipment. Now when a cart approaches, the RFID reader gets the ID of this cart from its tag, and transmits the data to an ARK-1123 data gateway. Using its WISE-PaaS/RMM remote data and device monitoring and management software, the gateway ensures data transmission and device security. WISE-PaaS also provided RESTful APIs for easy integration with MES to enabled electronic production records. And Microsoft Azure provides for IoT big data computing and analytics. Most importantly, WISE-PaaS offers easy access across programming platforms and can be integrated with existing management solutions to improve products/services and business intelligence.

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Asset Status Tracking, Instructions, Operation Performance, RFID , Technical Documentation
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[Process Optimization - Real Time Asset Tracking]
Cost-efficient solution that combines RFID technology to implement electronic management and real-time asset tracking
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