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InfoTrack: Enhancing Data-Driven Innovation with Elasticsearch Service

InfoTrack: Enhancing Data-Driven Innovation with Elasticsearch Service - elastic Industrial IoT Case Study
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InfoTrack, a legal technology company, was facing challenges in managing its IT system log data and legal document data for its customers. The company was initially using Amazon Elasticsearch Service, but it ran into security and performance issues. The version of the Elastic Stack used by Amazon Elasticsearch Service only allowed security using IP restriction and restricted developers from tuning the underlying Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Additionally, InfoTrack lacked access to additional features of the Stack, including APM, Index Lifecycle Management (ILM), and Graph. This limited their potential in architecting their system for long-term success and stability, and ensuring they were getting the most value out of the data available to them. Furthermore, the company was struggling with manual logging, which became too time-consuming as InfoTrack grew and didn’t allow developers to trace and debug applications.
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InfoTrack is a legal technology company that helps customers, including law firms, financial institutions, real estate companies, and government entities, to find, analyze, organize, and communicate information required for property or business transactions. This information includes government data related to properties and businesses as well as individual background information like police checks. InfoTrack’s platform makes all of this information searchable in one central place, revolutionizing workflow so that customers can improve productivity and grow profitability. InfoTrack has become a dominant player in its core markets and currently has 8,500 customers across Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom, and is growing at a rate of 150 new customers per month.
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InfoTrack decided to switch from Amazon’s Elasticsearch Service to Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud. This switch provided InfoTrack with greater flexibility to spin up new clusters and more robust, role-based security controls. The migration was effortless and gave InfoTrack access to the latest version of the Elastic Stack and a wider set of capabilities. InfoTrack is now using Filebeat and Metricbeat to ship data from thousands of applications into Logstash where it is transformed into a readable format. The data can then be searched and visualized in real time using Elasticsearch and Kibana. The Elasticsearch Service also provided greater flexibility when it came to hooking into different data streams and managing index life cycle. InfoTrack also used the Elastic Stack to design a new pyramid-shaped ‘product story’ which revolutionized searching on its platform. The company is now in the process of tagging the metadata of all 55+ million document orders on InfoTrack’s platform to provide a smarter and faster search mechanism across its products.
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The use of the Elastic Stack and the Elasticsearch Service has delivered wide-ranging benefits to InfoTrack. It has saved time on managing logs and resolving application errors, leading to a trusted customer experience. The company has been able to spot application issues early on and resolve support tickets faster. The use of Kibana has reduced the time spent investigating issues and given developers more time to focus on pushing out quality code. They’re able to deploy fixes and features daily and release innovative solutions like InfoTrack’s Data Lake Search. The business now has more data than ever before, helping it to identify cross-selling opportunities and prevent customer churn. InfoTrack is now focused on maturing its development process and adding on new capabilities of the Elastic Stack.
Increased search speed, relevance and data volume in the context of IT system log data.
Greater insights on the performance and usage of products to prevent customer churn and drive continued growth.
Market share driven up to 70%.
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