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Infineon Supports Savari for HSM

Infineon Supports Savari for HSM - Infineon Industrial IoT Case Study
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The V2X systems use a sophisticated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based approach to facilitate trusted communication:

  • V2X systems use Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC). Device must be able to securely and efficiently generate ECC keys
  • The random numbers generator must have high entropy
  • Root-certificates must be protected by usage of secured storage
  • Device must have tamper resistance, including physical attacks
  • Private keys must have protection against side channel attacks
  • Private keys must to be protected and used securely › V2X device are required to generate up to 40 messages per second. The signing latency must be low to support this frequency
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Savari builds software and hardware sensor solutions for automotive car manufacturers, the automotive aftermarket and smart cities.

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Savari has integrated Infineon’s eSE in their aftermarket On Board Equipment (OBE) and Road Side Equipment (RSE) devices.

The Savari stack uses a third-party security module that implements the relevant V2X Security protocols per standards (e.g. IEEE 1609.2). Savari and Infineon worked together to create an Application Programming Interface (API) to the security module and other components in Savari stack. Using this API, the V2X stack can securely communicate with the HSM and use its services to carry out necessary operations

Savari also developed tools and practices to fully integrate the eSE / HSM into device bootstrapping and security credential provisioning workflows to achieve end-to-end compliance with US-DOT / SCMS / CAMP (Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners) standards. Figure 4.0 shows the workflow.


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Using Infineon Hard- and Software, Savari is able to supply a complete solution to V2X Connected Vehicle Pilots sponsored by US-DOT (United States Department of Transportations). Through this integration and work, Savari has also developed tools and practices which be utilized for bootstrapping and provisioning keying material and certificates on OBEs in high volumes.

Infineon’s eSE / HSM provides a fully functional, highly flexible HSM that can be integrated with any V2X radio.

The Savari-Infineon solution is field proven, interoperable, US-DOT OmniAir-CoC certified and deployed in several field trials. In addition, all of the Prototype Software, APIs and documentation required for quick integration and test of software to manufacture test of hardware are available.

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