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Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing - Bright Wolf Industrial IoT Case Study
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A potent innovator of filtration technology, the company had little experience with information technology, and no in-house expertise for bringing digital products to market. The company needed an information technology partner with deployment experience spanning industrial hardware, protocols, and the cloud to assist in their journey to becoming a connected products solution provider.

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Despite billions in yearly global revenue, this maker of industrial filtration and fluid management equipment faced losing everything to more nimble competitors in a rapidly changing, more connected world. In order to deliver on the promise of digital tra
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A complete connected product system from device to edge to cloud, incorporating custom algorithms, and enterprise systems integration. AWS Cloud infrastructure and services for a secure, scalable system to support digital transformation.

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Asset Performance, Fault Detection, Product Lifecycle, Service Lifecycle, Fluid Hoop Health
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[Data Management - Data Analysis]
Data from embedded sensors provides insights into fluid loop health with custom intelligent algorithms running in the cloud and at the edge.
[Efficiency Improvement - Management]
Total lifecycle management from manufacturing, through the sales chain, installation and performance, and eventual decommissioning of each unit.

Fewer contamination events due to real-time monitoring of filter health to detect issues before they cause damage.

Reduced insurance/compliance disputes through complete audit trails of asset authenticity and performance.

Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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