Microsoft Case Studies Improve the Efficiency and Safety of Liposuction with Data Analysis
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Improve the Efficiency and Safety of Liposuction with Data Analysis

Improve the Efficiency and Safety of Liposuction with Data Analysis - Microsoft Industrial IoT Case Study
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Liposuction is a surgery that removes fat from the human body with cannula, a tube that can be inserted into the body. Extracting fat is a very complex surgery procedure. The cannula should precisely reach to the fatty tissue between skin and muscles. When the cannula is injected into deeper issue, it may damage muscle issue. If the cannula isn’t inserted enough, the fat maybe removed unevenly or causes skin necrosis. The fine senses of surgeon is certainly important.

Injecting cannula and extracting fat occur 12,000 to 20,000 times per one surgery. It means that moving cannula in time-uniformly is critical. However, every patients has different types of fatty tissue and areas operated on. Due to this complexity of the procedure, skillful surgeon having plenty of experiences were favoured.

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365mc and Lypsosuction Clinincs
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365mc built ’M.A.I.L System (Motion capture and Artificial Intelligence assisted Liposuction System)’ that combines liposuction with an artificial intelligence technology. The core technology is capturing the movement of surgeon’s hands during the liposuction procedure, by implementing sensor into the cannula which drains fat. Microsoft Azure IoT solution accelerators collect data and then Microsoft Azure Machine Learning analyzes them. 365mc dramatically enhanced the accuracy and safety of liposuction through this system.

365mc uses a special cannula having the motion recognition sensor. This sensor keeps reading the activity of surgeon’s hands in real-time during the liposuction procedure. 365mc collaborated with KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute) to develop the specialized sensor with high sensitivity and accuracy.

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Motion Recognition , Surgery Data
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The Artificial Intelligence Makes the Better Treatment Available. The sensor, data and artificial intelligence complement this imperfection and support to enhance and maintain the surgery accuracy. 
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