Navisite Case Studies Global Chemical Supplier Enables Deeper Insights and Business Growth
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Global Chemical Supplier Enables Deeper Insights and Business Growth

Global Chemical Supplier Enables Deeper Insights and Business Growth - Navisite Industrial IoT Case Study
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The company faced currency issues around conversion and consolidation, processing issues due to everything taking place outside the system, and a complete lack of mobile functionality. Hallstar also needed the ability to tap into advanced analytics and web-based services, integrate with third-party packages, and ultimately remove siloes from its workflows. 

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Hallstar is a global chemical supplier and reseller with a focus on the industrial, beauty, and personal care industries. In the early 2000s, Hallstar began a rapid, global expansion through strategic acquisitions of well-known, quality industrial brands. Hallstar also grew organically through internal innovation and advances in research, technology, regulatory expertise, and a robust quality control process. Today, Hallstar continues to expand its global presence, increasing exports to the Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and establishing facilities on nearly every continent.

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Following the deployment of S/4HANA, the company set its sights even higher—Hallstar wanted to find a better solution to connect and analyze reams of disparate business data. To make this happen, Hallstar once again partnered with Navisite to build on its S/4HANA foundation by implementing SAP Analytics Cloud.

Some other benefits Hallstar realized include:

  1. Greater insight into on-time rates, open customer orders, shipments, freight spend, and inventory levels for supply chain teams
  2. Improved reporting on daily, monthly, and yearly production rates, cycle time variances, production space, and equipment utilization
  3. Real-time sales numbers showing daily business unit performance against budget are broken down by finished goods and regional categories
  4. Clearer visibility into revenue, gross profit performance, and trends, SGA reporting, operating cash flow, and capital expense spending in all business units
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[Product Improvement - Customer Service]

Quick reactivity to meet customer needs

[Efficiency Improvement - Issue Response]
  • Increased speed, uptime, and availability of data
  • Increased efficiency and process cohesion
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