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Flow Battery Technology Changes Energy Distribution

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Flow Battery Technology Changes Energy Distribution - Raytheon Technologies Industrial IoT Case Study
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The size of the cell stacks and the costly materials needed for construction of traditional flow batteries have kept the technology from becoming commercially viable. The solution is needed to make the stacks smaller and less expensive without losing any of the power.

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Some battery companies.
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UTRC has developed an electrical energy storage system that outperforms current offerings in terms of capabilities and costs. UTRC’s flow battery energy storage technology eliminates the challenges of existing electrical-energy storage options, which are geographically limited, not scalable or are cost prohibitive. Software Components - UTRC flow battery technology

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Battery Charge Level, Battery Voltage, Energy Production, Production Efficiency, Solar Power
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[Efficiency Improvement - Energy]
Solar and wind energy become more dependable, which would enable a solution capable of handling the power for a cityscape.
[Efficiency Improvement - Energy]
The amount of energy used in production processes can be lowered and made more efficient.

The system increases the power density by 5 -10 times that of current flow battery technologies.

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