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Enterprise IoT Platform Revolutionizes Solar Shade Systems

Enterprise IoT Platform Revolutionizes Solar Shade Systems - SoftDEL Industrial IoT Case Study
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The customer, a US-based global leader in delivering efficient solar shade systems, sought to modernize their existing product line by incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. Their product line consisted of shade controller devices and systems, and they aimed to enhance occupant productivity and comfort, enable third-party integrations, and improve device performance and field servicing. The challenge was to devise a reliable and comprehensive IoT-led solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing devices and applications. The customer partnered with Softdel to achieve this transformation.
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The customer is a global leader in delivering highly efficient manual, automated, and motorised solar shade systems, headquartered in the US. With over 50 years of experience, the company has designed sustainable shade solutions for industries like healthcare, education, and hospitality. Their innovative approach and commitment to quality have won them multiple awards and accolades, along with considerable competitive advantages in the market. The customer's need to modernize their existing product line led them to seek an IoT solution that could enhance their product performance and enable third-party integrations.
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Customer is a global leader in delivering highly efficient manual, automated, and motorized solar shade systems.

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Softdel developed a highly automated, modular, and scalable floor controller platform. The solution included hardware development using Toradex SOM and Linux operating system, integration of wired and wireless protocols like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and other proprietary protocols, middleware API layer for easy application development and third-party integration, and native BACnet integration for seamless interoperability with building management systems. The platform also featured automation algorithm-based applications for monitoring and controlling the shades. Softdel further enhanced the platform by adding a cloud connectivity feature via MQTT protocol and cloud agents. The platform was also enabled with data aggregation and edge analytics for accurate error detection and enhanced performance.
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The implementation of Softdel's solution resulted in several operational benefits. The platform's extensibility and modularity allowed it to easily host, manage, and control a variety of shading systems and new applications, irrespective of the project size. The BACnet-certified platform enhanced interoperability, permitting third-party integrations with all major building management systems for peak efficiency and control. Furthermore, the platform's support for both legacy and modern cloud-based architecture catered to diverse use cases and offered improved expansion capabilities for applications, tools, and devices.
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