IBM Case Studies Enhancing Security and Trust with IBM Solutions: A Case Study of Banco Cooperativo de Puerto Rico
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Enhancing Security and Trust with IBM Solutions: A Case Study of Banco Cooperativo de Puerto Rico

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Banco Cooperativo de Puerto Rico (BanCoop) is a financial service provider for approximately 115 credit unions across Puerto Rico, processing nearly 28,000 checks and 35,000 Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions daily. The company was facing a significant challenge in improving security protections across its web channels. The primary concern was the potential for malware and phishing threats on customer endpoints, particularly as most of the company's internet exposure came from its web applications. The IT Manager, Abey Márquez, was not only concerned about BanCoop's security but also about the security of each credit union it served. Despite having several systems and processes in place to protect its infrastructure, BanCoop needed a solution that could effectively identify and block these threats.
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Banco Cooperativo de Puerto Rico (BanCoop) is a financial service provider that offers a wide range of services to credit unions across Puerto Rico. These services include Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing and cash services. The company serves approximately 115 credit unions, processing nearly 28,000 checks and 35,000 ACH transactions daily. BanCoop is committed to providing secure and reliable services to its customers, and as such, it is constantly seeking ways to enhance its security measures and protect its customers from potential threats such as malware and phishing attacks.
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After evaluating several vendors’ solutions, BanCoop selected IBM Security Trusteer Rapport software. This advanced fraud protection software was chosen for its ability to act based on malware behaviors, adding an additional layer of security. The software scans for behaviors on the computers of the credit unions and was offered to them for free. It helps protect users against phishing and malware attacks, removes existing malware infections, confirms that users are accessing BanCoop products and services and not fraudulent sites, defends against the theft of user credentials, and prevents the tampering of online transactions. The cloud-based deployment and support from IBM enabled BanCoop to add this layer of security without increasing IT staffing requirements. Additionally, BanCoop has been working with IBM for nearly a decade, using IBM Managed Security Services for firewall management, intrusion prevention, and vulnerability scanning services.
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The deployment of IBM Security Trusteer Rapport software and IBM Managed Security Services has significantly strengthened BanCoop's security defenses. The solution has not only helped to identify and block malware and phishing threats but also enabled BanCoop to deliver new value-added security services to its customers. This has helped to solidify BanCoop's existing relationships with credit unions and provided a strong selling point for attracting new credit unions. Furthermore, the solution has allowed BanCoop to manage its security more effectively without the need for additional IT staffing. The company has also been able to improve its security while effectively managing costs, as hiring additional personnel would have come with a significant cost.
Nearly all the credit unions BanCoop serves have downloaded the software on more than 1,500 endpoints.
The software detects and removes any existing financial malware infections on the endpoint upon initial installation.
The majority of infections detected and removed have been from ZeuS malware.
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