IBM Case Studies Enhancing Financial Services with Faster Oracle Database Performance: A Case Study on Celero
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Enhancing Financial Services with Faster Oracle Database Performance: A Case Study on Celero

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Celero, a leading provider of IT solutions for Canadian credit unions and financial institutions, faced a significant challenge in ensuring high performance and availability for their mission-critical systems without incurring excessive costs. The company's clients, operating in a fast-paced sector, had high expectations for Celero's services, which included hosting key banking systems and Oracle databases running on IBM Power Systems servers. Much of Celero's existing infrastructure was nearing its end-of-life, necessitating an upgrade to the latest-generation technology to guarantee the smooth running of key business systems and associated databases well into the future. The company needed to improve performance and increase scalability to continue delivering top-quality service to clients as their business grew.
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Founded in 2003, Celero is a leading provider of IT solutions for Canadian credit unions and financial institutions. The company employs over 265 people and operates from locations in Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg. Celero provides end-to-end technology solutions and services to hundreds of financial institutions across Canada. A significant part of Celero's business involves hosting key banking systems, including a flagship core solution based on DNA. The company relies on Oracle databases running on IBM Power Systems servers to deliver the high levels of performance needed to support this solution landscape.
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In response to these challenges, Celero upgraded to cutting-edge IBM server and storage solutions. The company transitioned from IBM POWER6 systems to IBM Power System S822 servers, running the IBM AIX operating system and virtualized with IBM PowerVM software. To complement its new server landscape, Celero introduced IBM FlashSystem 840 and IBM XIV solutions to deliver high performance and reliability for demanding enterprise storage workloads. The company also established a high-availability cluster environment using IBM PowerHA to maximize uptime for these vital systems. In partnership with IBM Global Technology Services, Celero designed and implemented the new IT infrastructure, migrated 325 TB of data to the new storage environment, and established a mirrored configuration of systems housed at company datacenters in Calgary and Winnipeg.
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The upgrade to IBM server and storage solutions has resulted in significant operational improvements for Celero. The company has seen a ten-fold boost to Oracle database performance on average and an across-the-board improvement in batch runs for all clients of approximately 35 to 40 percent. The improved responsiveness has delivered a valuable boost to efficiency for Celero, its clients, and their end-customers. Performance for all teller-level transactions has been boosted by approximately 25 to 30 percent, and the same improvement has been seen in internet banking transactions. The performance enhancements have enabled Celero to deliver a better experience for its clients, boosting retention, and improving satisfaction across the board. With a robust technology backbone now in place, Celero can continue to grow and take on new clients while guaranteeing the highest levels of service.
30% reduction in monthly IT leasing costs
10-times improvement in Oracle database response times
25-30% improvement in teller-level and internet banking transactions for clients
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