Total ETO Case Studies Efficient Timekeeping and Inventory Tracking: A Case Study on Keltour Controls
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Efficient Timekeeping and Inventory Tracking: A Case Study on Keltour Controls

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Efficient Timekeeping and Inventory Tracking: A Case Study on Keltour Controls - Total ETO Industrial IoT Case Study
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Keltour Controls, a company specializing in control panel manufacturing, faced several challenges in their operations. The company was struggling with time-tracking limitations that required accounting and payroll to re-enter staff hours after they were submitted. This process was not only time-consuming, resulting in several hours of additional work every week, but also caused a one-week lag in job labour costing and reporting. Additionally, Keltour needed a better system for tracking and real-time monitoring of their manufacturing data. The company also sought to improve their visibility of Work in Progress (WIP) and project invoicing by integrating it with their accounting data.
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Keltour Controls is a company based in Burlington, Ontario, that has specialized in control panel manufacturing since 1972. The company serves thousands of domestic and international customers and has expanded its offerings to include engineering, design, integration, programming, and commissioning systems in most major industries. Keltour has over 30 employees using Total ETO in their Burlington location, as well as some staff at their US facility. The company typically works on fixed-price projects and uses QuickBooks for accounting.
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Keltour Controls

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Keltour Controls decided to implement Total ETO, a solution they had used 18 years prior. The company had tried implementing another system but faced issues with lack of math linking, logic, and vendor support. They returned to Total ETO and installed the newest version, which was familiar and easy to use for the staff. The implementation of Total ETO led to immediate improvements in their processes. The solution made timekeeping more efficient by allowing every employee to enter their own hours, saving accounting and payroll several hours weekly, and providing almost-live tracking to projects. It also enabled better inventory tracking, with live inventory data on the purchasing screen that could be allocated and assigned directly to projects. Leftover inventory was logged for reassignment to other projects, minimizing waste. Total ETO also provided easy reporting, allowing Keltour to quickly run reports that were easily understood.
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The implementation of Total ETO brought about significant operational improvements for Keltour Controls. The system's efficient timekeeping feature reduced the workload for the accounting and payroll departments, and provided almost-live tracking to projects, enhancing project management. The ability to track inventory in real-time proved invaluable, allowing the company to allocate and assign inventory directly to projects and log leftover inventory for reassignment, thereby minimizing waste. The system also provided key metrics that helped Keltour keep track of projects that may be running over, crucial for maintaining profit margins. The simplicity of the reports generated by Total ETO was appreciated by the staff, who found them easy to run and understand. The system also facilitated consistency between Keltour's facilities in Burlington and the US, with everyone following the same procedures and practices regarding reporting. During the pandemic, Keltour was able to work offline, allocating people to enter in material BOMs and perform engineering tasks.
Saved several hours weekly in accounting and payroll by allowing employees to enter their own hours
Provided almost-live tracking to projects, improving project management efficiency
Enabled efficient inventory tracking, minimizing waste by reassigning leftover inventory to other projects
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